Jamtara 2 review: It has all grown up from season 1 and it's the Mahabharta that all culminates in the end!

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Jamtara 2 review

Jamtara 2 review: The stakes are higher than before but so is the chaos amongst its various leaders. With new additions, this Mahabharata has got even denser!

What makes a heist or a scam an interesting watch? Because we want to know how it was all done! But when a fictional show that's based on real-life events takes up a subject like this, it's not just how it's done that remains important but it's everything. From geographical location to socio-economic situations, everything plays a hand in the lives of the people of Jamtara. It's a small village in Jharkhand that's famous because of its "scams". No wonder even kids desire and dream to become scammers after all scamming is a trendy profession. And Jamtara is that modern Mahabharta where the line of morality is all blurred and there are no innocents. And if I have to say about Jamtara 2 review then I'd say season 1 was the game of dice being played while season 2 is the aftermath of the game of dice from where the fight actually starts!

While the first season was a fight between two brothers, Sunny (Sparsh Shrivastav) and Rocky (Anshumaan Pushkar) whose benefits are reaped by Brajesh (Amit Sial), and whose cost has to be paid by Gudiya (Monika Panwar). This time it is Gudiya standing up for herself with Sunny in her corner to take revenge on Brajesh for everything he had done. While Rocky is stuck in the middle of it all. On the police front, the Superintendent of Police Dolly, (Aksha Pardasany) and Sub Inspector Biswa Pathak (Dibyendu Bhattacharya) with the help of Saurav (Udit Arora) are still trying to catch these people while succumbing to pressure. There are two new interesting additions to the show, Ganga Devi (Seema Pahwa) and Rinku who add more twists and turns.

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Jamtara: Sabka Number Aayega focused on introducing you to the world of Jamtara and its scammers. And how very slyly the reign of this world was taken away from them by a wile politician who owns the place. It focused on the scam done by these young boys, the downfall of their friendship and brotherhood (Sunny and Rocky), and Gudiya aka Draupadi, as well as the rise of Brajesh Bhan. While this season has taken up a much larger area to be covered from the dirty politics which involves religion, caste, gender, money, and much more between Gudiya (gori chitti) and Brajesh (bada haathi) aided by Ganga Devi to figuring out new ways of scamming the rest of the world to the police still struggling to catch them in the midst of the decline of true journalism.

The king of the show has always been its rooted world-building. It takes you inside the heart of Jamtara, where only these scams can feed you and even the law and police can't touch you. That is why school kids find no true meaning in their studies and a young boy leaves Noida to come back to Jamtara. But it's the interactions amongst these people that bind a hook to the story as most of us are not used to such things. From the crazy dances to the schemes (KBC Fraud) to the dialogues to the heavy metaphor of Mahabharat (two drug addicts Sanjay's being the sutardhar of the story). It feels like in this season the stakes have been twofold raised, where too many things are happening altogether and the show has lost its way at the start but finds it later on.


But the performance of everyone from the scary Amit Sial who is still able to give goosebumps to the conniving Seema Pahwa to the young ones whether it is the boys who call themselves the Sanjay's of this world, or Rinku (the tik-tok star) or Gudiya, Sunny or Rocky, or even kids or everyone else is phenomenal. From their body language to their lingo everything just transports you inside this village Jamtara that has shaken up the rest of the country. And while the ending of the entire season after 8 episodes makes up for an intriguing watch it is the end of each episode that will end up making you binge-watch!

The camerawork by DOP Sayak Bhattacharya, each frame, especially that tree where phones all hang is a sight to look at. And even the background music by Sidhant Mathur and Boby John adds in to the experience of watching. And even though season 2, directed by Soumendra Padhimight and written by Trisant Shrivastava, lost itself a little within the chaos of the Chakaryvuh yet this modern Mahabharta with each episode, its well-built characters and their world, and the dialogues make it an interesting and engaging watch.

Jamtara 2 is currently streaming on Netflix!

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