Friday Streaming - Jamun on Eros Now gives us brilliance in the form of Raghubir Yadav

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Directed by Gaurav Mehra, Jamun tells the story of a middle-class doctor who deals with the after effects of Parkinson's disease and the helplessness that comes with being a father.

In a lot of ways, Jamun is the story of every typical Indian household where parents bend over backward in the hunt of a groom for their daughter, don't know how to overcome the societal shame that's attached with being jobless and quitting a professional degree and refusing any kind of role reversal where they let their children take care of them for once.

Cast - Raghubir Yadav as Jamun, reminds you of every Indian father who worries incessantly about his children and hates feeling dependant on somebody else to do the most basic things like walk down the stairs. Shweta Basu Prasad plays the role of Chetna, the daughter who's studying to become a nurse and also has a squint eye. Sunny Hinduja plays the role of Amar, Jamun's son who only hunts for a job or a way to make money throughout the movie and gets into arguments with his father, all of which stem from the shame he carries over not being able to support the family financially.

Storyline - The story follows Dr. Jamun Prasad, a middle-class homeopathic doctor go about with his daily routine; consults patients at his clinic with the vibe you only get when you visit a 'family doctor', worries about getting his daughter married because she has a squint and gets into pointless tiffs with his son, Amar who quit Engineering and hasn't found a job or any source of income ever since. Jamun gets diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and from then on, Chetna takes on the role of the head of the family and works as a nurse along with looking after her father.

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What I liked - Raghubir Yadav has done a phenomenal job as Jamun. The frustration, helplessness of a father struggling to make ends meet has been portrayed so well in his expressions and his body language. His portrayal of a man suffering from Parkinson's disease is way too realistic and on point and watching him struggle with the most basic things and cope with the loss of his son makes this a terribly hard watch. I love the mundaneness that Gaurav Mehra has captured in Jamun, the little things that we look forward to, and how it feels to not have access to it, like Jamun wanting to step out and feel the sun on his face.

What I didn't quite like - The storyline is confusing! Is it about the family's journey with Parkinson's, thriving as a middle-class family, or Chetna having a squint and coping with it? Who knows!

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