This weekend’s wrap-up is all about content and recognition. Scroll through to know more.

Our creators did a lot during the weekend and here’s every update in this weekend’s wrap-up. Jannat Zubair shared a cute picture with Shraddha Kapoor while reminiscing about their time together during the film “Luv Ka The End”. Talking about throwbacks, 2022 was a year of weddings and one wedding that everyone was excited about was that of Mithilesh Patankar and Urmila Awekar. Mythpat shared a vlog of their wedding and it has everyone gushing with love.

One thing that Sakshi Sindwani cannot do is to stay in the box as she constantly challenges archaic societal standards and her contribution in bringing body positivity to our feeds can’t be ignored. She does get recognised for her fashion but she was recognised for her influence on social media at Elle India Graduates 2022 event. She won the title of ‘Social Media Star.’ This reminds us of something, Aadil Khan and Sonali Bhadauria came up with something fresh and experimental with their Besharam Rang inspired video that has become a hit among their followers.

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Here’s what else happened over the weekend!

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