Sky-high thrills: 'Fighter' takes off with roaring applause from janta

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Fighter janta review

'Fighter' revolves around a specialized unit of top-notch Indian Air Force pilots who are handed the task of retaliating after the Pulwama attacks. 

The much-awaited film of January 2024, Siddharth Anand’s ‘Fighter’ has finally landed and it seems like Bollywood fans are truly here for it. The movie 'Fighter' revolves around a specialized unit of top-notch Indian Air Force pilots, including Patty or Shamsher Pathania (Hrithik Roshan), the squadron's most skilled fighter pilot, and Minal Rathore aka Mini (Deepika Padukone), the lone female member of the squadron who had to overcome domestic restrictions to pursue her dreams. The team is led by Rakesh Jaisingh aka Rocky (Anil Kapoor). In the aftermath of the Pulwama attacks, this team is entrusted with the mission of retaliation.

From glamour, stunts, visuals, and nationalism, Fighter has it all. Many were initially skeptical of the film being a mere copy of Tom Cruise’s ‘Top Gun Maverick’ series. However, now that the film is out, it is being called a quintessential Bollywood entertainer. The Janta seems mighty impressed with the film, with Hrithik Roshan grabbing the most attention and praise. 

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One Twitter user wrote, “Just came back after watching #Fighter. This is probably the BEST film ever to come out of India on IAF!! What @justSidAnand has managed to pull it off at a fraction of a budget is unbelievable!! Aerial Action is very fascinating to watch. Especially in 3D!Am still speechless.”

Another wrote, “Went in for #Fighter expecting it to be a fun Aerial Actioner, this turned out to be 1 of the Most Emotional Commercial Action Film Ever.”

Here’s the janta’s verdict on Fighter:

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Fighter Fighter janta review