The Janta shower their love for Poacher for its dead on commentary!

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Poacher Janta review

Poacher Janta review

With solid storytelling, Richie Mehta's show Poacher is a much-needed slow-burn investigative eco-thriller that calls out to everyone's conscience!  

Backed by Alia Bhatt and her production Eternal Sunshine Productions, Poacher is an eight-episode eco-thriller by the Emmy award-winning director Richie Mehta. It follows a group of Indian Wildlife Forest officials who are on a chase to catch and burn the entire nexus of poachers who kill elephants to buy and sell their tusks. It is a much-needed commentary and calls out to all our conscience towards a type of terrorism that is equally disastrous as others - bioterrorism. 

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The 'detective thriller meets Discovery Channel documentary' style of the show is being loved and lauded by the Janta. While people praise the show for its tremendous acting and impactful and immersive storytelling, they also talk about how it marks as a great tool for awareness against the cruelty of animals for our interests and luxuries, how its rawness has the power to shake everyone to their core about a sensitive issue that deserves all of our undivided attention. 

Here's more on what all the Janta had to say about the show! 

Poacher is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video!  

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