#KetchupTalks: We spoke to Jaspreet Singh about his stand-up special, Koi Load Nahi on Prime Video, and here's what he had to share!

Shachi Lavingia
Apr 27, 2022 13:06 IST
Jaspreet Singh

Stand-up comedian, Jaspreet Singh talks about his stand-up special, his process of creating content and so much more in this fun interview.

After being a stand-up comedian for longer than 7 years, Jaspreet Singh finally has his own special on Prime Video titled, 'Koi Load Nahi'. Conceptualized and written by Jaspreet, the trailer of this one-hour-long fun marathon is highly entertaining and gives you more reasons than one to watch his show. When we asked Jaspreet Singh about his content, he mentioned that he finds humor in the daily and mundane things that we call real life. Whether it's about the ever-growing motivation market, godmen, serious parenting, the salad he made, or the absurdity of being a teenager, he covers it all with his take on each of these things!

Jaspreet keeps things casual and real throughout his content which makes him very relatable. He connects with his audience rather well by making them a part of his set sometimes. His brand of comedy is literally all about his thoughts on life. So, when it's personal, you know it won't be hard to follow! He wonderfully puts the garb of comedy on issues involving equality, parenting, friendship, and youth, among others. 

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Here's what Jaspreet had to share about his content creation journey!

How do you decide on the content for your shows?

Mostly from my personal life. I don't decide on my content. I just write what I find funny and about things that happen to me if they're worth talking about on stage. Then I see what sticks. I take 10 topics on stage and once I start enjoying some of them, I develop them further. Some don't work very well so I park them and use them at a later stage. I just write jokes, then that takes the shape of an act and then a show. I write one line and then it becomes a paragraph and from there it becomes a 10 to 15-minute segment.

How hard do you find it to stand in front of a crowd? Do you feel anxious before a set?

Surprisingly, I've been very comfortable with public interaction since I was a kid. I'm not necessarily confident, but neither am I shy. So I don't feel anxious, but sometimes I do feel nervous before going up on stage. I feel like it might go well sometimes because the setup isn't right or people aren't in the zone. When I'm touring, I usually spend 10 to 15 minutes in silence before my set, where I listen to music or sip on some water.

Do you practice your entire set? What's your process like after writing it?

Writing isn't the complete process. You write a little and get on stage, and rework it later before the next time you get on stage. It's a long process. Every joke you see on YouTube or OTT platforms is one I've been working on for at least 2 and a half to 3 years. Not all the jokes I use are written in the same sequence or duration. Some were just a sentence that became a segment after years. Reworking keeps happening until a set is online.

Do you practice in front of a mirror, your friends, or directly on stage? How does it work?

Now it's directly on stage. In the earlier stages, I'd practice at home first so I remember the flow and to time my joke. Since I'm doing solo shows now, time isn't a restriction but back then 5 minutes is all you would get so you have to practice to finish your set in time and say everything you want to in that duration.

Do you self-police while preparing a script? Is there any one thing that you won't ever joke about?

Not really! If I find it funny, I'll take it on stage. Most things I talk about, I do because I want to talk about them. The things I'm not talking about right now are not because I don't want to talk about them. But I don't have a funny take on it yet.

Who makes you laugh?

Anyone who can surprise me with their comedy. I go by the volume of work and some acts that I really like. Some people aren't that famous and they enjoy the same limelight but I find their jokes pretty funny and I wish I had their jokes. I watch all the comedy videos that come out in India, yes, I do have that kind of time. I enjoy jokes from all kinds of people!

Stand-up comedy is all about content and timing? How do you manage to pull that off each time?

Practice and consistency. You can't learn timing though, it's natural. Everyone has their own style and manner of talking. But it does get better the more you get on stage.

Have you had any embarrassing experiences regarding this on stage?

Kids aren't allowed to enter these shows. But there was a couple who brought their kids along because they couldn't leave them at home. And their child was throwing chips at people while the show was going on. So I picked up on them because there's no way to let it pass. And that guy threw chewing gum on stage, thankfully, it wasn't a used one!

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