All the JCB memes that will stop you in your tracks to laugh!

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Dabbing, angry baby, Drake’s approval, Spongebob –know what all of these have in common? Of course you do, they’re all some of the most popular meme templates to do the rounds. Making memes is a culture now, because being funny is how our generation communicates (and even hides their insecurities?) And there’s a new kid on this block!

Recently, JCB memes served to be the new trend for memers. It all started because of a controversial statement made by one of the MPs of Hyderabad, where he said that the unemployment rates in India are so high, that if we see some JCB construction work going on, we crowd around it just to pass time.

Obviously the meme community picked it up quickly and provided us with hilarious takes on it. Take a look:

It’s like a shadow.

Yep. That’s the real pain.

Wise words.

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Jeetu Bhaiya knows everything.

Even Thanos knew it.

JCB>>>your girlfriend

All of us need some attention after all.

Hera Pheri team on point again.

How can you not find it funny?

Gotta give it due credit.

Stop whatever you’re doing because the true showman is here.

Finally a new answer instead of ‘Fogg’! It was long overdue.

United by the king of good times.

While these JCB memes are definitely trending and are hilarious, it is also interesting to see how brands are latching on to such opportunities to make their creatives and engage the audience.

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