Singer-Songwriter Rahi’s Jhoome featuring Kanika Mann captures the true essence of fresh and dreamy love

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Check out this new song sung by Rahi featuring Kanika Mann that captures the real essence of fresh and dreamy love

New age pop-label Big Bang Music released their latest track 'Jhoome', penned, composed, and sung by Kashmiri singer-songwriter, Rahi. The soulful music is accompanied by a video featuring actress Kanika Mann, that charms on the alluring chemistry between two strangers in the majestic land of Kashmir. ​


Just like his previous melodious singles, Rahi’s ‘Jhoome’ is ​tied together with serene music, meaningful emotions, and pleasing visuals of Kashmir. ​Beautifully shot ​in the tranquil valley by an all Kashmiri crew led ​by Danish Renzu​​, the music video takes you on a delightful journey to paradise on Earth. ​With a series of ​captivating landscapes​ that backdrops the beautiful encounter between a local and a tourist​, the song captures the true essence of fresh and dreamy love.

Sharing his excitement about the song, Rahi said, "I’d never miss a chance to capture the true essence of Kashmir. Indie pop is about emotions and “Jhoome” describes the way I feel about this beauty! I hope with this song, I'm able to make people across the country live vicariously through me and sway with joy a little.”

Kanika Mann added, "The moment I heard the song, I couldn't keep myself from being a part of it. We kept singing it, I think I should drop a cover of it (she jokes). Rahi would walk around playing the guitar in the serene valleys of Kashmir, making it an enjoyable experience. It's been wonderful with the Big Bang Team and Rahi!"

"We’ve always supported the expression and vision of our artists, with Rahi, his heart is with Kashmir. In times where everyone is confined to their homes, RAHI manages to teleport us with his pure melodies and a voice to fall in love with!", said Gaurav Wadhwa, Co-Founder & CEO, Big Bang Music.

From a traveler who has been taking his listeners through multiple adventures with his music and writings, this song is truly a gold mine of pure, soulful music ​that is sure to strike the right chords with everyone, especially the youth.

Listen to Rahi's 'Jhoome' on Big Bang Music’s YouTube channel

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