Jimin of BTS creates history by becoming the first Korean soloist to earn the number 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100

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After BTS reigning over the US charts as a group in the past, Jimin becomes the first Korean solo artist to top the US charts literally less than 2 weeks after his solo album came out!

It’s a day of pride and joy for BTS armys as Jimin creates history by breaking BTS’ own record and becoming the first Korean musician to take the top spot on the much talked about and anticipated Billboard charts which were announced Monday night. Right before the chart results were out, the whole fandom waited with bated breaths to see if not only his but our streaming efforts as a whole have made a big dream come true! And when it did, the celebrations began instantly. From ecstatic Twitter reactions to BTS members RM, Suga and J-Hope congratulating their fellow member on his big milestone, it was simply happiness in the air! The main track from his album Like Crazy is the song that received so much love from everyone that ultimately it topped the charts, surpassing Miley Cyrus’ Flowers which had been on the number 1 spot for eight weeks!

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While he was initially speechless about how to share his feelings about the news, he eventually ended up doing a Weverse live around 4 am in Korea. He said that he wants to work harder in the future and become an artist who always puts good work out there. Jimin reaching number 1 on charts is not just good news for him but paves the way for so many aspiring artists of different ethnicities which is what makes this so historic. It also speaks volumes to people who thought BTS would lose its charm or stop trending after they announced that they’ll be focusing on solo projects. 

Check out these exciting reactions from the BTS army who was celebrating this big win along with him!

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