Students, teachers and staff of Delhi’s JNU college were attacked by a mob of masked men. The JNU attack left several people severely injured.

People are showing their rage and anger after the reports of a mob of masked people carrying iron rods, sledgehammers and stones attacking Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) went viral. A group of men entered the college campus on Sunday evening and attacked the college students injuring 24 people including teachers and staff members. The student union President Aishe Ghosh was severely injured leaving her with five stitches. She was quoted by India saying, “I have been brutally attacked by goons wearing masks. I have been bleeding. I was brutally beaten up”. The students and staff members have come forward to say that the police and security personnel allegedly took no actions to stop the JNU attack.

A huge number of students protested outside the police headquarters against the violence that broke out. Students from cities like Mumbai and Kolkata also joined in and protested against the JNU attack. Meanwhile, the Left students and the ABVP, the student wing linked to the BJP, have reportedly accused each other of involvement in the attack. The security in the campus has been tightened with the police only allowing students with proper ID to enter.  Hours after the protest, the Delhi police filed an FIR.

Here is the report of the JNU attack:

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