John Cena has definitely topped my list of Weird Celebs –what with all these random pictures on his Instagram. Yes, that’s right. The most loved wrestler (and may I say the most handsome!) is posting out of the blue pictures with no context and Instagrammers are VERY confused!

According to Cena, though he is playing a fun, guess-what kinda game with his fans. At least that’s what his bio suggests! Take a look:

cena bio

The wrestler has recently posted pictures of Daler Mehndi, Kapil Sharma, and Sachin Tendulkar –weird! And turns out, he has been doing this for quite sometime. Needless to say, the comment section on his posts has been lit up ever since! See for yourself:

First up, Daler Mehndi!

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Kapil Sharma is getting famous again!

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And last but not the least, The God of Cricket himself.

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Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about this random side of John Cena but then who am I to judge lol! What’s your interpretation though?