Jose Covaco could be one of the most underrated funnymen on social media today, and his Misheard Lyrics videos could be his most brilliant creation to date.

One of his most popular videos are the ‘Misheard Lyrics’ videos that he puts up from time to time wherein he cheekily writes down the ‘misheard lyrics’ in songs on a white board. Accompanied by his various facial reactions, the most popular being the confused straight face, these Misheard Lyrics are downright ridiculous and absolutely funny!

Check out some of the best Misheard Lyrics videos from Jose Covaco, or Hoezaay as he has chosen to spell it out in order to avoid mispronunciation.

1. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee

2. Main Sharabi – Honey Singh

3. Dhinchak Pooja – Dilon Ka Shooter

4. Mere Paas Hai – Taal

5. DJ Khaled

6. Despacito – Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

7. Humma Humma – Baadshah

8. Starboy – The Weeknd feat Daft Funk

9. Angel – Taher Shah

10. Supergirl from China

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