Creators are calling out desi things with their funny and relatable videos with the latest Jugni trend on Instagram reels.

It would not be wrong to say that people have found themselves addicted to Reels. The crazy, entertaining content on them makes us want to spend hours scrolling till our fingers hurt. Reels have shown us how talented people are. They can make fun out of the most common and boring thing in our lives with their 15-sec videos. Following trends and delivering their own version of it is one thing that gets us hooked to it. The latest Jugni trend is one that has left us grooving and laughing.

The popular song JUGNI -2.0 by Kanika Kapoor, Mamzy Stranger and DJ Lyan has taken up its place at the trendy Reel songs list. Various creators along with users have been sharing their funny and relatable take on the Jugni trend and we are all game for it. These videos have taken up our explore page and we cannot help but scream ‘yes, same.’ We made a list of some of the video that you need to check out.

Check out the Jugni trend:

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