The Justice League cast is absolutely rocking Instagram!

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Justice League Cast

So here it is, the day that I thought would never come but IT IS HERE! Justice League releases in India in the next few hours, and I am losing my sh*t over how the Justice League cast is completely rocking Instagram!

Whether its fan favourite Gal Gadot, or the goofy duo of Cyborg and Flash, that is Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller, or his superior highness, the ruler of the seven seas and roughly seven billion hearts, Jason Freakin Momoa, my Instagram feed is popping and nope, I’m not even complaining.

Before you descend upon the movie theatres and line up to get your dose of some united butt kicking being bestowed upon Steppenwolf, you really need to catch up on the shenanigans that the Justice League cast has been up to. Oh and I’m sorry, did I mention Amber Heard, red hair and my ginormous crush on her?

So let us begin by being obvious and picking the one of the most beautiful, and fan favourite from the Justice League cast, GAL GADOT! Yayy no surprises here.

Justice League cast

Honestly, I'm not even looking at all the others, even though I adore Momoa, love Batfleck, would be best friends with Ezra and Ray, and Henry, well, I envy him a little.

Look at GAL! Just look at her smile.


Justice League cast


And then there's the soon-to-be-resurrected alien who has been exceedingly patient, and just chilling until the movie releases because he is the only character that remains shrouded in mystery. Black suit? Beard? Longer hair? Evil Superman? These are the questions that have kept me up for months (I exaggerate for a reason okay!)

Justice League cast

And he is completely infatuated with Wonder Woman, and is not even ashamed to descend into fangirl mode, and he shouldn't be! Just look at him beaming with pride haha.

Justice League cast

And then there's these guys. Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller. Total sweethearts and goofy af!

Ray Fisher shared this amazing BTS picture with DaZack <3. Those are parademons in the back and Ray is rescuing his father, Silas Stone from them in this scene. (I had to show off a little all right!)

Justice League castDude's legit excited about being assigned his very own emoji!

Justice League cast

Sneak peek into Barry Allen's digs! I had doubts about Ezra I will honestly admit that, but he has grown on me after all those trailers.

Justice League cast

Does Cyborg read Cyborg too? Are there any books called Cyborg? WTH guys!

Justice League cast

Now comes grumpy ol' Dark Knight who has adopted the Wayne persona for his Instagram account too! Batfleck's Instagram is just him being pensive and serious much like the Gotham knight and I don't even have a problem with it until he keeps nailing it in his role!

Loot at good guy Affleck here.

Justice League cast

Look at the BADASS Batfleck here. Justice League cast

Part of the most drop dead gorgeous duo in Justice League, Amber Heard *sigh* with the red hair and the green suit does make me much more anxious for the Aquaman movie. She'll have way more screen time then, and I won't be blinking for those minutes. At all.

Can I have a crush on an on-screen couple? Both of them simultaneously? Because I do. I really, really do.

Justice League cast

I'm not even going to say anything except for I rest my case, and that you should check out the artist's Instagram account @milena_s1

Justice League cast

And this.

Justice League cast

Okay, okay. I did save the best for the last.

Let's just declare this man an international treasure and be done with it. His excitement is infectious, and all his captions are earnest and heartfelt. This goddamn Hawaiian hunk has me at a loss of words for the actual nice guy that he is.

Yeah I know you're not reading anything past this point so I'm going to say, Jason Momoa is bae.

Justice League cast

Jason Momoa is bae.

Justice League cast

Jason Momoa is bae.Justice League cast

The one muscle that's mushy in this man's body is his heart. Class act! Justice League cast

Do crabs and turtles think Aquaman is the Superman of the ocean?

Justice League cast

With his wives from other parallel universes, Daenerys from Game of Thrones and Diana from Flashpoint! Justice League cast

Well, my tickets are already booked and I cannot wait to subject myself of two hours of absolute delight and edge of the seat fangirling! What about you?

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