Snape may not take cheek from anyone but Justinreadz might get a pass. Check out some of his reels that possess major Potter Head energy.

Every Potter Head had an amazing start to 2022, thanks to the most awaited reunion of our lives. The whole crew of Harry Potter came together and celebrated 20 years of adding magic and wizardry into our lives. The reunion refreshed all our childhood memories along with the actors as many of us grew up along with them watching the movie come to an end. Each of the actors was ‘the chosen one’ and we couldn’t be happier to see them back together. Even though the anticipation of a reunion has finally come to an end, our crazy and love for movies and their characters will not. And creator Justinreadz and his reels is just the proof of this.

Harry Potter happens to be one of the few series where the books and the movies received an equal amount of love from the fans. Kids waited to turn eleven so they could get their letters. Even as adults many of us still believe that we might be able to have a chance to visit Hogwarts if we made it to England. No matter how old we get this craze for each of the characters will only continue to grow. Each of these HP characters has become so close to our hearts that we can almost imagine how one will react to any given situation. We have seen fans writing their own fiction stories and incorporating them into everyday life situations. Harry, Ron, and Hermonie do hold a profound place in our hearts but we cannot ignore the other characters that added meat to the storyline. Creator Justinreadz’s reels are an ode to two such incredible characters, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy. We have seen creators mimicking or playing these characters, but Justinreadz’s reels have their own charm. He gives us a more domestic, heartbroken Snape and Lucius making them even more lovable. As we all dwell on the after-effects of the reunion that aired on 1st January on Prime Videos, we decided to make a list of some of Justinreadz’s reels that will cure that void.

Check out his reels:

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