These 16 K-drama soundtracks need to be a part of your playlist for an everyday serotonin boost!

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K-drama Soundtracks

Do you love listening to K-drama soundtracks but don't know what their English names are? We've curated a list to help you with just that!

K-drama soundtracks popularly known as 'OSTs' can be the best thing to turn to on days you feel blue and need some cheering up or when you simply just wanna start your day on a happy note. These songs that bring out the magical fairytale-like essence of a K-drama tend to linger in your mind for a long time, even after you've finished watching the show. K-drama soundtracks take you to a whole other world that brings out the hopeless romantic in you.

All of us have listened to these songs and pretended that we're a K-drama lead, wishing that if our lives were a K-drama too, these soundtracks most definitely would be apt for background music. There have been some chart-topping K-drama soundtracks over the years sung by some popular K-Pop idols and solo Korean singers.

Check out these songs that can be your soulful escape from reality.

Here I am Again- Yerin Baek (Crash Landing on You)

Very, Slowly- BIBI (Twenty Five Twenty One)

Sweet Night- V of BTS (Itaewon Class)

Butterfly- J.UNA (Nevertheless)

With You- Jimin of BTS and Ha Sung Woon (Our Blues)

Christmas Tree- V of BTS (Our Beloved Summer)

Your Existence- Wonstein (Twenty Five Twenty One)

Start Over- Gaho (Itaewon Class)

Love Me Like That- Sam Kim (Nevertheless)

Our Beloved Summer- Kim Kyun Hee (Our Beloved Summer)

Friend- Kim Hee Won (Snowdrop)

Romantic Sunday- Car, The Garden (Hometown Cha Cha)

It's Definitely You- V and Jin of BTS (Hwarang)

Dream- Han Hee Jung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo)

Aloha- Cho Jung Seok (Hospital Playlist)

Is It You- Rachel Yamagata (One Spring Night)

We hope you add these to your playlist and host fun karaoke sessions with your friends at home!

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