Marry My Husband review: Expect the unexpected with captivating plot twists and a swoon worthy romance!

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Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband was exactly the kind of show K-drama fans were craving for and here’s why the series lived up to my expectations and beyond!

Marry My Husband review: As a K-drama fan, I’ve come across a plethora of revenge dramas. Most of them can get so dark or nasty by the end of it that you just feel like you’ve got an overdose of the genre altogether. Marry My Husband felt like it would be on similar lines when it was announced. The name of the show itself felt so bizarre and I’m guilty of judging a book by its cover because the series was so much more than that. From the first episode itself you understand why the show is given this title and it fully starts making sense.

Marry My Husband is about Kang Ji-Won (Park Min-Young) who is married to Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung). Min-Hwan is the definition of toxic masculinity and constant gaslighting. He quits his job literally a few days after marrying Ji-Won but makes sure she continues going to work so he can live on her money. He also takes out loans in her name and now it's on her to pay off all the debts. His mother also adds to the stress when she expects Ji-Won to do all the household work as well and curses her for not being able to get pregnant. In the middle of the hell she is living in, Ji-Won gets to know that she has stomach cancer. Her good for nothing husband of course could not even get himself to pay the hospital bills on time, so one day when she comes back home to speak to him, she finds him cheating on her with her only best friend Su-Min (Song Ha-Yoon). After a fatal incident between the three of them, Ji-Won travels back 10 years in time and is given a second chance at life so this time she can make the right decisions and change her future for the better.

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When she starts embracing her second life and starts planning her revenge, she finds herself a companion. Yu Ji-Hyuk (Na In-Woo) who is the CEO of the company she works at but he is also someone who deeply cares about her. As the story unfolds, you see Ji-Won righting all her wrongs. The pace of this show is its biggest selling point in my opinion. Not a single minute feels unnecessary and the plot twists happen in a manner where you are engaged in every episode that comes out every week. Since the past few K-dramas we’ve not had that at all. It either feels like a filler show altogether or something that starts really strong but falls flat in the end. Marry My Husband holds up throughout.

After this show, Park Min Young has truly mastered the art of office romances. Her previous dramas like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Her Private Life, were also really popular office romances. And she literally hasn’t aged a day. Watching her as Ji-Won really breaks your heart in places, which also makes you root for her till the very end. The way Min-Hwan abused her, Yu Ji-Hyuk overturned it all with his love. And may I say we have a new K-drama crush? Na In-Woo with his tall, brooding, CEO vibes has us all wrapped up around his finger. The chemistry between the two is something the K-drama community will talk about for years to come. He wanted to be her steady land in a life full of uncertainty and anxiety. He wanted to protect her till the very end and he keeps that promise. He loves her the way he’d always imagined and he seizes the opportunity to share his feelings before it's too late. Their love story will be unforgettable especially because they use BTS songs so smartly to reveal a very big plot twist in the series, which went viral all over social media. Yu Ji-Hyuk isn’t just a green flag, he is an entire green forest for loving Ji-Won the way she is and raising our standards along the way too!


Marry My Husband also gives us some of the best antagonists we’ve seen in the K-drama genre. Both Song Ha-Yoon and Lee Yi-Kyung as Su-Min and Min-Hwan only ignite hate in your heart for them. Their characters have zero remorse for their actions, and you as an audience have zero empathy for them which is why when they get the worst fate possible, it feels like the most satisfying arc ever. Su-Min, wanting to snatch every good thing from Ji-Won’s life, gets on to your nerves every episode. But Yu-Ra (Kwon Bo-A) felt like the only unnecessary addition to the story. At a point where all of us were already frustrated with the two main antagonists, the makers threw in another one for us to deal with. 

The supporting characters’ arcs were also wrapped up perfectly. Choi Gyu-Ri as Yoo Hee-Yeon was adorable and the girl best friend Ji-Won always deserved to have. Yang Joo-Ran (Gong Min-Jeung), who basically lived the same life as Ji-Won, also getting her 'filled with green flags' man by the end of the show was super wholesome to watch. 

The show gave us the kind of happy ending we’ve all been waiting for a really long time. Ji-Won playing her cards right this time around and switching her entire fate is a much needed reminder that, like her, we're not going to get a second chance at life so choose wisely and stand up for yourself. There were barely any loopholes in the story and most importantly, it made you long for Mondays for a new episode and that’s really saying something. Marry My Husband definitely is one of those K-dramas that’s going to be hard to get over and now with a new benchmark set for the genre, I wonder how the next drama that comes along our way manages to surprise us.

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