We want a sequel for love with these K-dramas who totally deserve a second season!

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It’s our time to imagine a storyline and take things in our own hands with these K-dramas that desperately need a second act!

K-dramas are famously known to have one season only except the new ones coming out this year that want to fit into the trend of having many seasons. They mostly wrap up the story within those 16 episodes of more than an hour each. While this feels more than enough to finish a story, there are certain times you wish you had more, for a plethora of reasons. Most of the time, the makers are so invested in showing every detail of the story that they give us a rushed climax. This is when we’d rather pick a second season than an abrupt closure for us. Or a polar opposite reason where the series is so good that you just can’t get enough of it.

You don’t want it to end and you want to see more of the characters in various stages of life. Or sometimes when it’s not a happy ending so you want to seek a new storyline in order to get the ending you truly wished for in the first place. Some stories just feel good enough to extend to another season. Yes, there is a risk of it not being as good as the first one and losing that same thrill or charm but it's a risk we’d like to take as long as we get to see the stories we want. 

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We need a second season for these shows!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One - Netflix

This one definitely tops the list for every K-drama fanatic. The way the story started with such a good arc, led us to a real swoon worthy romance and then left us heart broken when the main leads do not end up together. My tears have not even dried yet. So it’s a given that we’d all want more closure in terms of why a dream couple like this won’t end up back together. Season 2 is needed not only for them to find their way back to each other but also for us to find out who Na Hee-Do really even married and had a child with.

Good Bad Mother - Netflix

Kang-Ho has had more than enough sorrows and traumas in the span of those 14 episodes. Never have we ever seen a character go through so much turmoil, bad luck and rise up to take his revenge. While the story is one of the best we’ve seen this year, it would for nice to just see Kang-Ho, Mi-Joo, and their two kids Ye-Jina and Seo-Jina live their lives like a normal family. Can we switch the genre to slice of life in season 2?

Business Proposal - Netflix

This happens a lot in some of the most romantic K-dramas where 90% of it shows the journey till they fall in love. It’s great, we love it but what after that? Why rob us of a much needed dreamy wedding? Season 2 has the potential for that and much more in store for us!

Doctor Cha - Netflix

From being a housewife who didn’t have a voice for herself to fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor, Cha Jeong-Suk fought her way to her independence. But we got to see very little of that. Medical dramas always have scope for more, no matter what. And hence we petition for a season 2 where she maybe also finds someone who she genuinely loves too?

Little Women - Netflix

We want a genre switch for this one as well. Being one of the most thrilling dramas of 2022, Little Women did constantly keep us on the edge of our seats but In-Joo and Do-il’s romance just left us hanging with that awkward bye at the airport. It was very clear he was in love with her but where is the confession? How about a whole season of them just admitting that they’re in love and being a cute couple. I mean they’re both millionaires now so money is never going to be an issue for either!

Crash Landing On You - Netflix

While the series is the best in its genre, can we still please find a way for a North Korean soldier and a South Korean heiress to peacefully live their lives together instead of meeting in Switzerland like once a year? 

Hotel Del Luna - Netflix

There was indeed an announcement for season 2 but that’s about it. We know that the hotel has been passed on to Kim So-Hyun next but this is such old news now. We are still left wondering whether the new season would ever even start production in the first place.

Itaewon Class - Netflix

The chronicles of Park Sae-Royi sounds like a good season 2. Park Sae-Royi along with his gang taking over the world of restaurants, business and navigating their new found success would definitely make for a good watch. 

Love All Play - Disney+ Hotstar

We never got an opportunity to see the Park twins get to the Badminton National Championship and make their country proud. A second season of the two crushing their opponents and bringing recognition not just within the country but internationally too is definitely trend worthy storytelling. 

Which K-dramas would you like a season 2 for? Let us know in the comments below!

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