These K-dramas weren't really made with Christmas in mind but totally pass the vibe check of the festival!

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If you're tired of those cliché Christmas movies and wanna try watching something different this holiday season then these feel-good K-dramas are here for your rescue!

There are so many things that have made me fall in love with K-dramas. But if there’s one thing in particular that I feel every single time it's the warm cozy feeling that I get while I'm curled in my bed watching the most fluffy romantic story ever. And I truly feel that there’s no better time than Christmas to watch these as it aligns so well with the spirit of the festival. K-dramas make me feel the happiest because they’re about finding love and spending time with the ones you love and if there’s anything else that serves the same purpose, it's Christmas without a doubt! So combining two of the most feel-good things together is something that I eagerly look forward to every year. Not to forget the gorgeous winter coats, scarves, and beanies that K-drama characters wear which totally make you wanna teleport to Seoul and make a wish in the first snowfall of the year!

While you’ll barely see any Christmas scenes in K-dramas, they sure do know how to shoot love stories in winter which makes you feel like they were made for Christmas indeed. There are so many K-dramas where I felt the release date was so perfect because the story almost wouldn’t have had an impact in the same way if it didn't release in December.

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That said, here are some favorite K-dramas you can easily enjoy while wrapped in a blanket, sprawled on your couch, and accompanied by some comfort Korean food!

Our Beloved Summer (Netflix)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, as the title suggests, how can a story set in summer be apt for winter? Seasons constantly change throughout the story and also go back in time. One of my favorite K-dramas to watch during Christmas especially because its main OST itself is called ‘Christmas Tree’, sung by V of BTS.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (Netflix)

From enemies to lovers, this K-drama is pretty simplistic yet has some really wholesome moments to offer with the backdrop of a beautiful countryside village.

Business Proposal (Netflix)

A K-drama where I personally fell more in love with the second lead. It's an extremely fun watch during the holiday season and gives you all the romantic feels!

Romance is a Bonus Book (Netflix)

Probably one of the best K-dramas out there in terms of winter fashion. Get ready to take screenshots for some outfit inspiration!

Shooting Stars (Netflix)

Not only is it super romantic with great OSTs but also you’ll get a very good insight into what everyday life in a PR agency looks like!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (Netflix)

For ones who love and miss that feeling of a newly blossoming young love which is the purest thing ever.

Soundtrack #1 (Disney+Hotstar)

Even after being the shortest K-drama ever, in just 4 episodes, this K-drama makes you more nostalgic for Christmas than you’ve ever seen. Especially the confession at the end in that cute little cafe when it’s snowing so beautifully outside. 

Summer Strike (Viki)

Again, a K-drama that has ‘summer’ in its name is ironically released during Christmas time. An ongoing K-drama that shows how a girl who is pretty much done with her extremely sad life in Seoul decides to shift to a small town and do nothing for a year, and in that process falls in love with an introverted librarian there.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas this year in the magical world of K-dramas!

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