Few in Bollywood are as versatile, as beautiful and as comfortable in their own skin as Kalki Koechlin. There is just something about her that makes her so real, so distinguished. Kalki’s Instagram is crazy random and interesting; you would fail to see how it belongs to one of the most talented actresses in the country.

Petting adorable street dogs, to travelling in a local train with her gang, Kalki seems to live it up every moment. Not to forget, she’s a sucker for fried fish as we all are! Don’t you lie to me okay.

Enough said. what you need right now is to check out Kalki’s Instagram account where she fulfills the world’s most random itinerary that involves surfing, traveling, tomfoolery and a whole lot of crazy!

1. Look like an absolute knockout on a beach like that? Done!

The good days #UStour #whatsdoneisdone

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2. Disrupt a photoshoot with giggles? Done!

When you get the giggles on set totally unprofessional like. #FoxLife

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3. Look like THAT!? D-O-N-E!

Looking into @rivabubber ‘s lens…

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4. Go back to being a kid again? Done.

There’s only one actor in this frame and it’s not me! #RibbonTheFilm

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5. Enjoy fried fish in a steel thali instead of some gourmet something in fine china? Absolutely done!

It’s a fishy lunch today

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6. Break a record with hundreds of gal pals? Why not? Done…

When girls go break records #DoYou

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7. Local train ride with friends not bodyguards? DOOOONE!

Trainspotting – a little bit crazy, a little bit bad.

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8. Not giving a f*** about ‘women should not smoke’? You bet that’s done!

Snow capped mountains and palm trees for ten days #MarrakechFilmFestival

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9. Make it to the French Elle Magazine? Haha obviously done!

Made it into French Elle Magazine. Bring on 2017!

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10. Go from that^ to badass surfer chick? Easy peasy.

Ok this just came through my virtual mail. It’s going to be a sweet ’17…

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11. Pug of War with an adorable pupper? YES YES YES!

Pug wars #howtowiletimeonset

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12. Rock it in slow mo? ( I think you know what I’m going to say)

13. A RESOUNDING YES!!!!!!!!!!!

On my way to #summerhouse pop up in Bandra.

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Stealing our hearts with adorable pictures? DONE.