Kanye West lashes out on Drake through Twitter, Kim Kadarshian supports YE

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Kanye West Drake

Kanye West has a few *scratch that* lot of problems with Drake. He went on about a five-hour long ranting session on Twitter, venting out all the issues he has with Drake.

According to him Drake threatened him & his family and Kim Kadarshian also paddled in and supported her husband.

They started off with a few collaborations back in 2008, but the fallout apparently began after Drake's feature was allegedly removed from Kanye's hit song All Of The lights, or because Drake "apparently" had a fling with Kanye's ex Amber Rose(Who didn't?). Then their relation had a roller-coaster ride that saw them throwing petty trash-talks that subject their pools or saw them praising each other.

Recently, Pusha T decided to throw shots at Drake in Infrared. In Drake’s 2018 clapback Duppy Freestyle, he accused Kanye of getting Pusha to ghost-write for him later.

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After Pusha released The Story of Adonin which claimed Drake had a secret son, Kanye knowing about this dart, was a buzz around. To which kanye responded ‘I’m ‘Ye. I got major things to do other than be telling him some information about Drake.’

Drake dissed Kanye's Yeezys with the line "Yeah, keepin' it G, I told her, don't wear no 350s' round me" on a collab with French Montana, No Stylist.

Kim Kadarshian was Kiki in Drake's smasher In my Feelings was 'hot like the pot' speculation, even Snoop Dogg thought so. There were claims that Drake and Kim bumped nasties.

To which Kanye responded:

All of this, was burning inside Kanye and he decided to take it out on Drake publically through Twitter. Flipping on about everything he thinks is wrong with Drake.

Also, addressing a brawl in Pusha T’s concert;

Drake might have responded to it through an IG story which was nothing but a few laughing emojis. If this was Drake's response to Kanye, then he is clearly having a better time.

Kanye West Drake

Hip-Hop is not new to beefs, usually it's by wannabes to gain clout(you already know who the fork, you are Kelly) but Drake and Kanye already are huge stars, with massive followings. So, maybe they should let bygones be bygones and make good music like they have been doing.

Though, chirps had a few things to say about the beef.

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