Karan Sonawane, a Focused Indian who is crossing milestones one laugh at a time!

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On his birthday, we take a look at Focused Indian aka content creator Karan Sonawane's milestones and achievements so far.

'NUMBER KA NASHA CHODO, KAAM KA NASHA KARO!' Content creator Karan Sonawane aka Focused Indian has to be one of the stars of the digital space who people don't seem to mind each time he pops up on their screen. And mind you, he does that A LOT. In a list of 10 videos on our explore, the 10th video happens to be Karan piquing our curiosity with his constantly changing expressions and rib-tickling content. The thing that makes his content different and unique to him is the way he tries to connect to thousands of his audience who find it relatable. There is an innocence in his content that one cannot just miss. But the millions of views on his videos are not the only thing he has achieved while becoming a part of the creator community. He's an example of all the amazing things that one can make if one believes in their dreams and work harder for them. His long achievements make every person who has been following his content very proud.

While sharing his 900K victory he wrote, "The only thing that matters is your work and my work has helped me achieve so many unexpected things (SRK still pending) before hitting a million that million wala excitement ab chota lagne laga hai. One of the many unexpected things is your love and support for me which I have earned because of my work. In short, NUMBER KA NASHA CHODO, KAAM KA NASHA KARO!"

As he celebrates his birthday today, we decided to make a list of some of his achievements!

He hit another milestone as he made it to 900k on Instagram

He was also verified on Instagram after a long time

He watched Manchester United win against Liverpool and shared the same with his fans making every Indian football fan jealous.

He was awarded Editors Choice - Entertainer/Influencer of the Year

He made it to the billboards as part of Meta Creator Day and his fans were equally excited for him

Kalva to the stage of Creator Day along with well-known personalities like Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, Karan has definitely made it big

He continues to collaborate with celebs and celebrate their upcoming projects while giving us another hilarious video to laugh at

He had the chance to watch the Formula 1 race along with his fellow creators

Graffiti Artist/illustrator Mooze dedicated a graffiti to Karan on his birthday. And the creator couldn't be happier to have been compared with Jim Carey!

Happy Birthday, Karan! Here's hoping that you get to meet and create content with SRK soon!

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