Karan Sonawane's latest trip is proof that dreams do come true

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Karan Sonawane's latest trip

Content creator Karan Sonawane's latest trip will make every football fan jealous as well as happy for him as he makes it to watch Manchester Utd play.

It was a great day for Karan Sonawane aka our very own FocusedIndian, as he had the opportunity to have the experience of a lifetime. The content creator recently watched Manchester United win over Liverpool. The digital creator who also seems to be a hardened fan of the football club was super soaked to have the opportunity to watch his favorite club win live in the stadium. Karan Sonawane's latest trip is all his fans can talk about, and we are part of it.

Karan had been sharing stories and posts since he got on the plane, keeping all the suspense about where he was traveling. He soon shared where he was, and fans have been celebrating the whole event with him, while the rest of them watched the match on TV while he sat in the stadium (fans, jealous much!?) He also made sure to go live during the match and give the fans a different point of view of the match. The creator was there along with his brother Sukumar Sonawane.

What makes his visit even more exciting is the fan that his fellow creator friends, as well as his fans, did not shy away from making jokes about the same. They made sure he realized how happy there were and also shared their creative memes on it. While Omkar Kadam took a funny take on Liverpool's loss with a meme Agasthya Shah had his own version. But apart from all the funny bits, we also saw fans being super proud of him for making it big and living his dreams.


Is it weird that we feel like proud relatives watching him live his dreams?!

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