Karisma Kapoor reveals the secret behind her unwavering confidence, her inspiration and her source of positivity.

Karisma Kapoor is one Bollywood actress and celebrity who is synonymous with grace, beauty and talent. Ever since she made her debut in 1991, she has enjoyed immense popularity and love from her fans all over the world. She is an icon and an inspiration to many because of the confidence she exudes. Throughout the 90s Karisma ruled the Box-office and continues to rule our hearts with the charm she adds to everything she does.

We recently asked the star the secret behind her confidence and strength as a modern woman. Here’s what Karisma Kapoor had to say:

  1. How do you overcome self-doubt?

“There is really no set standard procedure for it, for me, it has always been about constant hard work and positive thinking.” 

2. Who cheers you up when you’re low?

“My kids and family cheer me up whenever I feel low.”

3. One outfit that you feel your most confident self in?

“My pyjamas are something in which I feel most confident.”

4. What advice would you give all the young, bright girls and women out there who face inner inhibitions?

“My advice to all the young, bright girls and women out there, battling inner fears today is that – don’t doubt yourself, you are beautiful the way you are.”

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5. Who is the one person who inspires you to get over your inner inhibitions?

“When I was younger, it was my mom and today, it is definitely my sister and my daughter.”

 6. What are the inner hesitations that hold you back?

“Life has been a journey of self-growth and nurturing. I always do things that I believe in and if something makes me uncomfortable I refrain from doing it. I don’t let anything hold me back, and hence, with I relate to and believe in this new campaign by Pond’s – #SeeWhatHappens that encourages women to not let their inner fears and hesitations hold them back.”

  1. How important is it to believe in yourself especially as a mother of kids who look up to you?

“I grew up with a very strong set of values and ethics which I truly believe in and it is important for me to pass them on to my children. These have been key values that have helped me in life and even professionally. Kids believe what they see, if I believe in myself, I am setting an example for them to do the same.”

We’re in awe of Karisma Kapoor and these insights into the actress’ life only make us admire her all the more!