We did not know we needed an F.I.R reboot until Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala shared this entertaining video with the cast. Check out how the fans were left thrilled.

When we talk about Television and TV shows, one always tends to think about the over-dramatic, unrealistic soaps that ruined our TV watching experience. These shows promise to talk about the “stories of every household” but forget to mention that the households belong to a different universe. Despite these, Indian television also had a number of great fun shows. Shows that made us laugh and made family time fun.

One of these shows is F.I.R. The comedy show was loved and admired by thousands. It showed us a varied perspective into the life of people in a police station headed by a female officer. The officer along with her pales solved different cases in each episode while taking us on a laughter riot. What made it even more entertaining was that they not only solved real cases but also helped in solving the issues faced by their neighborhood houses. The show however ended in 2015 after years of a successful run.

Fans were, however, left nostalgic after Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chautala shared a video with the whole cast of F.I.R. The cast prepared and put up an act within 10 mins and it is everything that the fans could wish for. The video left the fans reminiscing and wanting for another season of the show.

Check out the video:

Fans showered their love demanding a new season of their favourite show. Check it out:

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