Ketchup Cut: Tamasha, a unique take on love and dreams

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Ketchup Cut: Tamasha, a unique take on love and dreams

Check out which scene from Imtiaz Ali's movie Tamasha left an impact among the audiences and made it to our Ketchup Cut.

People might think and consider that Hindi cinema is always about the masala blockbusters made with the intention of becoming part of the 100, 200, 300 crore clubs. Indian cinema is largely dominated by the Hindi film industry or as it is widely known as Bollywood. But the talent and the want to create good valuable films always stands out in the crowd. And likely there are many such movies that have been able to encourage the audience to see beyond the stars and look deeper into the story. One such film that managed to become part of our next edition of #KetchupCut is Tamasha.

A different and unique take on a love story and living the dream, the film defines what new age filming is to the larger audiences expanding their consumption of quality and artistic movies. Another Imtiaz Ali movie that became a crowd favourite.

About the movie:

Director – Imtiaz Ali

Cast – Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Piyush Mishra

Writer – Imtiaz Ali

Where to stream – Netflix

The movie is about Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone), who meet for the first time in Corsica and spend their entire trip together. Both strangers manage to keep things that way without revealing their true identity to each other, promising never to see each other again when they leave the place. Things, however, don't end as planned, and one catches feelings for the other. More like, his personality, only to realize he is a completely different person in his hometown. The story is about how this love story helps Ved identify himself and live a life he pleases.

Ketchup Cut:

The movie defined and gave the love story a new direction. The film opened the audiences into a vast world of unconventional storytelling giving new-age directors the creative freedom to present their stories in the way they want them to be. The writing is definitely not for all audiences. But the fact that the story still managed to get people's attention despite being unorthodox is proof of cinema winning yet again. While the story has few great moments, the one that takes the story forward and one that will be discussed is - The proposal scene.

We come to realize that Tara and Ved are two completely different yet similar people right at the beginning of the movie when they meet for the first time. Although the idea of two strangers deciding to spend the time in a different country while making a deal to have no strings attached is done and dusted a few times, this one works for the deeper character development done in the film. The very instant when Ved decided to introduce himself as Don gave us a glimpse of him as a person. A person who lives in the world of story and storytelling. Who tries his best to live in a fictional world without remorse. It is this instinct that made Tara fall in love with him.

The scene in talks is when she gets back to India and after a good amount of stalking gets to know who Don actually is. Confesses her love. They spent time together only to realize that there is something off about Ved. He is nothing like the one she met in Corsica. But before she could confront or talk to him about it, Ved decided to pop the question on his birthday. Which she rejects because as has she says 'main kuch aur dhund rahi hu, yeh toh mere pas hai.' The scene is Ved's point of self-realization. A breakthrough for him to come to terms with his life that is actually a false pretense of him trying to fit into the world, the real world. He is a man of stories, but he settles for the regular one kyuki abba nahi manenge (Yep, the situation seems quite similar to that of 3 Idiots). It is Tara's belief in him more than himself that makes it the perfect bull's eye moment.

The movie definitely tries to tackle and talk about a few thoughts but following one's passion and not just settling for anything is one that stands as the base for the whole movie. The rejection was the push that Ved needed to take charge of his down in the mouth life to bring back his younger self that loved stories. Whilst it is also said that he always needs someone to confirm and do half of the things for him. Running to the storyteller (Piyush Mishra) asking him about his own life story is depressing.

About Tamasha:

While talking about his cast the director Imtiaz Ali said, “Working with Ranbir and Deepika was a discovery for myself as well. Through their performances, I was seeing my story, though in a new light. I understood most things about freedom of life and concepts of the past, and also the angst of the relationship,” as reported in Hindustan Times.

Fun Facts:

The quote that inspired the film was one by Rumi that read, 'Don't be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth'

'Window Seat' was the film's first title choice

The one unscripted moment that went on to become iconic was from the song 'Agar tum sath ho' where Deepika pats Ranbir's head.

Awards and Recognition:

  • BIG Star Entertainment Awards - Nominated for Most Entertaining Actor in a Romantic Role – Male, Most Entertaining Actor in a Romantic Role – Female, Most Entertaining Romantic Film
  • Stardust Awards - Nominated for Best Actor Of The Year (Male), Best Director Of The Year, Best Playback Singer (Male), Best Playback Singer (Female). Won Best Actor Of The Year (Female)
  • Producers' Guild Film Awards - Nominated for Best Music, Best Male Singer, Best Female Singer
  • Screen Awards - Nominated for Best Actor (Popular Choice), Best Actress (Popular Choice), Best Jodi (Popular Choice)
  • Filmfare Awards - Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male), Best Music, Best Playback Singer (Female) and won for Best Lyricist.
  • Zee Cine Awards - Nominated for Best Music Director, Best Lyricist, Best Playback Singer – Male
  • Mirchi Music Awards - Won for Listener's Choice Song of the Year and was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, Lyricist of the Year, Song of The Year
  • International Indian Film Academy Awards - Nominated for Best Actor and Best Lyricist
  • Times of India Film Awards - Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female), Best Album, Best Lyricist

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