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A story of hope and fighting to find the flight, watch the scenes from Udaan that left a mark among movie-lovers like us.

We can spend hours watching drama and action-packed, crime TV shows and movies but on the hardest of days, all we need is a feel-good movie that leaves us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. These movies always stay with us and always make us feel what we did when we watched them for the first time. It's the simplicity of these stories that draw us towards them and leave us wanting more. On today's Ketchup Cut we will be discussing scenes from this coming-of-age, feel-good film, Udaan.

About the movie:

Director – Vikramaditya Motwane

Cast – Rajat Barmecha, Ronit Roy, Aayan Boradia, Ram Kapoor, Manjot Singh, Anand Tiwari

Writer – Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap

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A teenage boy is forced to return to his dad after being suspended from his high-profile boarding school. Rohan (Rajat Barmecha) and his friends get caught watching a C grade film and are made to leave the school soon after as punishment. And he has to go back to his father (Ronit Roy) who has been absent in his life for the past eight years only to realize that he has a small brother now.

Ketchup Cut:

The sole reason that made the film a must-talk among movie-lovers is the fact that it dealt with more realistic teenage problems. The ones that are beyond getting a girlfriend or getting caught while cheating in an exam. It is about finding a place in the world that the teen believes is distant from him, his own family. A family where he has a father who is dominating and a brother that he never met or knew about before. Rohan is different. He is realistic and knows what he really wants in life, that is to be a writer and more importantly to be anything but his dad.

Rohan's biggest fear is not getting caught at the theatre, but going back to his dad; one who has been absent all his life, a non-communicative, emotionally blunt person who sees his kid as a mere responsibility. The fact that his idea of a better father is to teach his kids discipline by being abusive is an example of his sadistic manner of thinking. And the dinner table scene proves just that. Rohan is a free-spirited person but every time he is around his father, he finds his wings tucked under. His father, on the other hand, only cares about having a secure life as any middle-class family should. He has zero regard for Rohan's talent as a writer whatsoever and he just puts him down with his words.

This scene also brings out the edginess that we would expect from an Anurag Kashyap movie. It is a blunt, teeth grinding scene where we instantly start hating the character. “Udna band karo. Pao ko jameen pe rakho” and 'mere gharpe rahna hai toh, mere kamaya hua khana hai toh mere hisab se rahne padega' states how controlling he is as a father. And the fact that he tries to justify it by using his own father as an example only proves the average middle-class values that he was raised in.

The hospital scene is quite contrary to the fight. While at the dinner table Rohan couldn't convey what he really wanted, a little time at the hospital felt like an open stage for him where no one was judging him or pulling him down. In fact, he had an audience who listened to him and appreciated him. This was also the first time he truly saw his brother and how alike they really are. He got to be the loving older brother and give the little kid some hope and love that he deserved. Rohan wanted to show him that he understood him. The two, despite being step-brothers, had a deeper and darker connection which encouraged Rohan to show him the beautiful side of life.

It's this struggle of a teenage boy becoming a man and trying to protect his younger brother from the worst that makes the movie special.

Talking about Udaan:

While celebrating the 10th anniversary of the film, Rajat Barmecha said, “Everything I know today as an actor, about the craft of filmmaking and even the cinema that I watch today is all because of 'Udaan'. There are so many fond memories of shooting the movie, the way we worked for the character of Rohan, and my interactions with everyone on the set." (experts: Times Of India)

Fun Facts:

As a part of promoting the film, Director Motwane and writer Anurag Kashyap destroyed a car while imitating a scene in the film.

The lyrics of the song "Motu Master" were written by Anurag Kashyap.

Vikramaditya's father Sunil makes an appearance in the film as a friend of Bhairav's in a scene at Jimmy's house.

The Contessa car that was used in the film was actually stolen. It was sold to the crew by the thief and the crew realized this after the original owner met them at a special screening of the film at the Beldih Club in Jamshedpur. The original owner only found out because a relative saw the promo of the film and called him up.

Udaan was one of the seven Indian movies to be premiered at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section. The movie was titled The Flight and received a standing ovation.

This movie was also screened at the Giffoni Film Festival and the 2011 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • 56th Filmfare Awards: Won Best Screenplay, Best Story, Best Cinematography, Best Background Music, Best Supporting Actor (male), Best Film (Critics), Best Sound Design
  • Screen Awards: Won for Best Film, Best Actor in negative role. Nomainted for Best Supporting Actor
  • Zee Cine Awards: Won for Best Film (Critics), Best Director (Critics) and Best Actor in Negative Role
  • Giffoni Film Festival: Won Best Music Score
  • Indian Film Festival (Los Angeles): Grand Jury Award
  • IIFA Awards: Nominated for Best Actor in Negative Role
  • Producers Guild Film Awards: Nominated for Best Actor in Negative Role
  • Mirchi Music Awards: Nominated for Upcoming Male Vocalist of The Year

What is your favorite moment from Udaan? Let us know in the comments below.

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