Stylist Ami Patel talks to us about styling Alanna Pandey’s wedding looks and tips that every summer bride should keep in mind.

Alanna Pandey tied the knot with her long-time partner Ivor McCary and it was a spectacle that everyone was waiting for. A dream, the fairytale wedding might have been something that every person hopes their wedding would look like. An influencer who has been a big part of the lifestyle industry, Alanna had the attention of all her followers who were already eager to know what her wedding looks like. With the help of stylist Ami Patel, Alanna had an ensemble of jaw-dropping magical looks all personalised to her taste. The wedding was a combination of a Hindu being married to an American and hence had a white wedding vibe.

A celebrity designer, Ami Patel is known for being a stylist to Bollywood fashionistas like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Alia Bhatt. She has been in the industry for a long time and believes that originality and authenticity always pay off when styling someone. She tried to work with the same when styling Alanna for her wedding. Especially for someone who had ideas of what she wanted for her wedding, Ami did her best to turn them into reality. From having a tropical, forest-themed haldi to wanting to go full white for her wedding, the stylist talks about how she helped bring Alanna’s ideas to life.

Ami Patel talks to us about the idea that went behind styling Alanna and so much more

Can you start by talking about Alanna’s haldi and wedding outfit? Which elements went into making it unique for her?

It was a blend of the decor and her style. Since she is a content creator, she wanted to look unique while still matching the theme of the wedding. As we all know that the theme was ‘Enchanted Forest’ and you see a tree, must and greenery in the decor which was unique on its own and completely unconventionally beautiful. She wanted to wear white with these elements of an enchanted forest and it was really beautiful. The haldi outfit was inspired by the love for Italy. The smaller details that were done on the outfit were really special and again the decor was all inspired by Italy. Everything was tied together really beautifully.

What was Alanna’s idea of her dream wedding outfit? How did she contribute to helping you style her?

Alaana’s basic idea for her wedding dress was that she wanted to wear all white. When it came to jewellery, I personally preferred diamonds to match the outfits rather than colour-blocking them with emeralds or something else. I wanted white diamonds and Manish’s exclusive was so beautiful. The layered choker that she wore fitted beautifully with the theme.

Out of all the looks you styled, do you have a favourite?

All of them were my favourites but if I have to choose I’ll probably go with the haldi outfit by Rahul Mishra. It was spectacular and was from the couture collection that he showed in Paris. The embroidery, work and detailing were just breathtaking.

What are your thoughts on brides shifting away from traditional colours or choosing custom outfits for the wedding?

In my opinion, brides shifting away from traditional colours is fine as long as they don’t shift away from tradition. I think the colour red is gorgeous and some brides don’t want to shift from that but there are also brides who want to wear more nude colours which is absolutely fine. But like certain elements shouldn’t be skipped. Red colour doesn’t suit many people and designers are offering them options to explore then, why don’t we give it a try? Also, besides pastels, gold too would be a good colour.

For a summer wedding, what kind of colour theme can one opt for?

A summer wedding can have summer season kinda colours. The colour of blossoming flowers, the blue sky and more. I think a pastel-coloured palette would be amazing for a summer wedding.

Things that a summer bride should consider when planning their outfit?

I think choosing the right fabric is very important in such cases. You would not want to go for something like velvet. You can rather go for something lightweight like chiffon. It will just be light on your body and these fabrics feel comparatively more breathable. Also, the necklines and sleeves of your outfits should be considered. Don’t wear something that suffocates you or feels uncomfortable. Secondly, when it comes to summer wedding makeup, have it light and dewy rather than making it heavy by using every possible thing on your face. When it comes to doing hairstyles, make sure to do it in such a way that it remains good even if it’s an outdoor wedding. For Alaana, we had open-hair hairstyles which were gorgeous and worked amazingly for her. You too should choose something that works for you.

What is your favourite look from Alanna’s wedding lookbook? Let us know in the comments below.

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