Luxury lifestyle blogger Shashank Sanghvi shares his love for fashion and travel and finding a way to combine his passions to live the dream!

Shashank Sanghvi is a luxury lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer. With travel and fashion as his passions, Shashank tries to incorporate it in his daily life while also helping those with similar interests with is knowledge and experience. Shashank Sanghvi graduated in Management Studies in Mumbai and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in International Business in the UK.

Talking about his journey, the blogger and influencer says, “I was in the UK for 2 years, post which I came back to Mumbai and started a job with a reputed bank. Later, I was in Dubai to start my new business in Polymers and was very passionate about it, since it requires me to travel internationally and interact with a lot of different cultures of people. At that moment, I thought something was still missing that gave me pure satisfaction so I decided to start my fashion, lifestyle and travel blog. Currently, I am living the dream.”

Check out our interaction with luxury lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer, Shashank Sanghvi here:

What made you start creating content and when did you begin?

“Before starting a blog one should know his/her own field of interest. Eg: Travel, Fashion, Food. Also, you need to ask yourself that will you be consistent or not? When I decided to start, I only believed that I like making travel videos, exploring new cultures and writing about the experiences I had. For me, human emotion is the biggest driving factor. There is nothing greater than experiencing the different parts of the globe and being able to live that life. I started my blog in 2018 since I always loved to travel and stay glamourous, I believe this helps me to live on those terms.”

2. What according to you makes your content stand out?

“For me, the main focus is always to create something which is very natural. Also that I ask myself whether I have done justice to a brand, destination, or a hotel, by showing it in such a way, that my audience is attracted towards it. I believe it’s my duty to give my best if the brand has trusted me. If your work is genuine and you have done it with honesty, you will surely get the recognition you deserve.”

3. How do you choose what to promote on your feed and what not to?

“Mainly it depends on my liking for a particular brand. And yes, it also depends on the monetary benefits.”

4. One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

“I was at an international destination once and someone recognized me as an influencer and appreciated my work.”

5. What does a regular day look like for you?

“Get up, dress up, attend events, post content, decide on new ideas, manage the PR products and plan a shoot for the next day. Repeat.”

6. How do you make moolahs?

“I work with various brands to promote them on social media. I charge them based on the campaign requirements, like, the number of posts or videos to be posted. But with few brands, I have a long term contract so we fix a particular lumpsum budget.”


7. Where do you get inspiration for your posts from?

“Mainly I use my own vision about how a particular post should look like. But I also check out Pinterest or any of my favourite actors’ style.”

8. If not an influencer, what would your full-time profession be?

“A restaurant owner or a business based in London.”

9. Any message/tips for upcoming bloggers and influencers?

“My advice would be just to believe in yourself and keep pushing your limits. Keep on trying, don’t get disheartened if something does not work your way. I believe anything done with pure passion and an honest heart will always achieve success.”

Here are his responses to our Quick 5:

Your favourite meme template on social media?


“Nothing specific”


One celebrity you want to collaborate with?


“Shahrukh Khan”

Your favorite Influencer?


“Alex Costa”

Weirdest or funniest comment you have received?


“You look like a kid.”

Favourite face filter?


“Comfort Filter”

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