#KetchupTalks: "In today’s world, anything can provide money if you’re wise enough," says Tarun Malhotra

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Tarun Malhotra

Finance content creator, Tarun Malhotra opens up about being mindful of money, online investment advice, handling financial issues and more.

With a lot of disposable income in hand, the need to make the right choice, especially with investments has become significant. Fiance is usually considered to be one aspect of adult life that not everyone is great at. Financial jargons and new trends in the fiscal world often scare us. That is why as people, we are constantly looking for people who can help us guide us through it all. Finfluencers have become that resource who are helping us make smart choices when it comes to money. Tarun Malhotra is one of these finance influencers who, with his content and platform is giving mindful advice that people can make use of to handle their money better.

He is well aware of the power that social media has and how it helps to share valuable information like managing one's money. It's important for people to know the ifs and buts of investment, especially GenZ who happen to be a large part of India's population today. Tarun says, "By adopting smart financial planning strategies, one can take steps to mitigate these challenges and secure a more stable financial future." He had a lot to share about the same and we had the opportunity to sit down with him and know more about it.

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Here's what Tarun had to share!

How did your interest in finance begin?

During my time in 12th standard, I became interested in the share market and decided to try my hand at equity trading. As I began to earn a small amount of income from this venture, I became more intrigued by the financial opportunities available in our country and began to conduct further research on the subject.

How important is it to work with an actual professional to handle our financial issues?

I believe working with a professional has its own significance as they have the expertise to provide you with sound guidance while making informed decisions, creating a plan, and managing your finances effectively; you know, ultimately leading to better financial outcomes.

Has posting content about financial advice online resulted in GenZs taking them seriously?

Yes, to quite an extent, it definitely does. GenZs have this vast accessibility to information via the internet. Though it depends more on the quality and credibility.I feel as finance content creators, it’s our responsibility they don’t encounter any misleading content. 

Would you recommend one take financial advice online? Why?

Partially, it depends on the source of the advice and the individual's level of financial knowledge. Online financial advice from reputable sources can be fruitful but it's important to verify the credibility of the source and tailor the advice to one's specific financial situation.

What are the best ways for GenZs to invest right now?

Since the market is flooded with options, the primary step should be setting up one’s budget and financial goals. Low-cost index funds or ETFs can provide long-term growth, while individual stocks and REITs may also be considered if well-understood. Here, guidance from a financial advisor can be helpful for making informed investment decisions.

What are the multiple ways people can earn from? Especially since GenZ have found a way to be more independent.

In today’s world, anything can provide money if you’re wise enough. Including traditional employment, entrepreneurship, investing, online opportunities, sharing economy. 

GenZ, in particular, has shown a preference for more independent and flexible ways of earning, such as entrepreneurship and online opportunities. These options allow for greater autonomy and control over their work, which is appealing to this generation.

How is Budget 2023 affecting the current financial environment? What are some things everyone should know about?

With a quite neutral budget being presented, I feel people need to take notes of the percentage being allocated to infrastructure and tourism mainly; and revise their portfolio if required. Also, keep in mind to stay updated with the changes made in the new tax regime and opt carefully either old or new. 

What are the big financial crunches that GenZs are going to face in the coming 5 years?

With India surpassing China as the most populated country, GenZs will be tackling more issues like unemployment, rising education costs, inflation, housing affordability, digital security and privacy risks. However, by adopting smart financial planning strategies, one can take steps to mitigate these challenges and secure a more stable financial future.

One last piece of financial advice that you'll like to share.

There’s this one piece of advice I’ve always observed being sidelined in building an emergency fund. Look it’s not about exaggerating but one should have at least three to six months' worth of living expenses handy in cases of emergency; I mean, you never know. It can provide you with a financial safety net and peace of mind during uncertain times. Remember, the key is to be consistent and disciplined while maintaining an emergency fund.

Where do you go for financial advice? Leave a comment below and let us know if finfluencers have been helpful.

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