#KetchupTalks: “We are aspiring filmmakers and hope to show our work on the big screen when the time is right,” says Dasoham

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Staying true to the art and showing a mirror to society, Dashom hopes to invoke conversations with his humour. In a conversation with us, he gets into it all.

If there is a dream that everyone secretly wishes for, it’s the ability to work a crowd. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the person people get excited to be around? A person who can make others laugh instantly becomes a fan favourite, and isn’t that the kind of validation we look for? It takes a special flair to find humour in this prosaic life that people can enjoy and relate to. And short videos have become a platform for every group clown and aspiring comedians to share their jocularities. Content creator Dasoham is one of the many creators to have found his audience for the satire he has to share.

Describing his audience as ‘sensibly gullible’, Dasoham believes in his art and works to make content that serves value while entertaining people. Delivering satire and talking about current societal issues while using comedy as a medium has become a combination that often attracts controversy. People are quick to take down comedians for sharing their opinions and pointing out the bad that we choose to ignore. At such times, Dasoham's belief and the want to keep his audience amused with what he has to share keeps him going. Stating how 'taking offense is based on individual feelings and facts don't care about feelings', he hopes to continue to find humour in every situation while not diverting from the truth. From his journey of making people laugh to wanting to be seen on the big screen, Dasoham had a lot to share in this conversation with us.

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Here's how it went!

What is it like to be a comedy creator on a platform that is never short of new talent?

Being a comedy creator in itself is a challenge but in my opinion, being a creator on a platform with loads of talented creators works as a motivating factor. It drives us to stand out and as a result, helps us make the most out of our talent!

How have you been able to find your content style?  

Without boring you with any details of writing, directing, acting, or editing, let me just say that we treat content creation as a work of art and we create content for ourselves without getting influenced or pressured by the trends and mass mentality, which leads to our content being genuine and unique to our style.

How hard is it to deliver a punchline unique to you in this age of content creation?

Delivering a punchline, especially in satires, is like threading a needle, you need to be precise and quick. In this era of content creation, people have the tendency to scroll down quickly so to hold them we need to be quick as far as being unique is concerned, the style and format we deliver a punchline in is always fresh so the audience sees something new and interesting. Not a lot of people can replicate that!

How do you approach finding humor in serious or controversial topics without crossing the line into saying something offensive?

If I say people aren't offended by the jokes we crack, I would be lying. You can easily spot offended snowflakes in the comment section (sometimes on Reddit too) but some may find a joke funny whereas someone might be ready to hurt the guy who cracked it. Taking offense is based on individual feelings and facts don't care about feelings! If someone sympathizes with the factually wrong side, they need to be offended back to the right one! And who is to judge what's offensive and what's not?People are offended by a single harmless word nowadays.

What does your writing process look like?

It varies depending on the type of content. Some are fun and effortless to write and some need tons of pages to reach that final 90 seconds. Sketches and satires usually don't take too much time but there are a few exceptions that end up staying in the pages for several days only after which they can finally come to your screens.

What does the road ahead look like for you and your content?

I don't quite believe in fantasizing about the future or manifesting but yes, I believe if we keep working hard, time will serve us with the right opportunities. We are aspiring filmmakers and hope to show our work on the big screen when the time is right!

What do you think aspiring content creators need to know about?

Enjoy what you are doing! I've seen creators getting worried about numbers. I, too, was one in the beginning days. Even followers, likes and more affected me. But we forget that the reason we started this was to enjoy ourselves and our work! Just keep working and pushing, everything will align itself at the right time... Be happy about your achievements and even happier about your losses, because in the long run, you’ll realise it was a victory after all!

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