#KetchupTalks: "Women gamers are certainly breaking the bias and finding their niche in online gaming," says Kangkana Talukdar

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Scroll through this exclusive interview as Kangkana Talukdar shares her journey of being a game streamer in India

The Indian mobile and PC gaming industry is exponentially growing and a lot can be credited to the pandemic-induced lockdown. Platforms have evolved to make game streaming more accessible and engaging. The good news is that the industry didn’t just see a rise in players but also witnessed participation from female gamers and streamers in an industry that's considered to be highly male-dominated. Women gamers are challenging stereotypical norms associated with the gaming industry with their strategic and tactical gameplay. Winning in battlegrounds to destroying blocks, there’s no game where these women gamers are not giving a tough competition to their counterparts. 

Unfortunately, when we asked these women-gamers about the challenges they faced and the myths associated with them playing, they mentioned that they’re judged by their gender and not their skillset. As Facebook Gaming India’s first-ever female creator partner, Kangkana Talukdar’s journey is all about female empowerment and building a great community. She says that streaming every day has taught her a lot and contributed to her development as a person. She’s proud to represent Northeast India on a global platform. In a chat with us, she shares more about her journey and love for gaming. 

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Read the full conversation: 

What made you start game streaming? 

I started playing games with my cousins, but it was a once-in-a-while activity for me. When I started playing PubG and Sims on my laptop, some friends suggested that I should start streaming and that’s how I began. When Facebook approached me to become one of their first partners, I was thrilled to be a part of it. And just like that, I became the first female Facebook partner from India! 

How has your journey been so far? 

My journey has been great, and it has been a learning experience. From interacting with my viewers to playing games, I have learned a lot and grown as a human being. I have also learned to be more open-minded and to enjoy every moment. 

What do you think is the future of game vlogging and streaming? 

The game streaming industry is booming with each passing day. Many upcoming streamers are inclined towards it and find it to be an interesting space. And people generally find watching streams entertaining and it is a way to interact and connect with people. I definitely think there’s a bright future there.

What made you pick Facebook as a streaming platform, and how has the platform helped in your career as a gaming creator? 

Facebook has been highly instrumental in my journey in streaming, and I love my audience. I’ve noticed that Facebook users are more mature, and you can also connect with your viewers on a personal level. I find setting up streaming on Facebook easier compared to other platforms, and given it is a really big one, I am able to reach audiences in other countries as well. The platform has enabled my journey as a creator in numerous ways. It has helped me build a community with a strong base of followers who support and encourage me. Facebook also helps us in doing the behind-the-scenes work, as a result of which I can continue to improve my content. They support us on a regular basis by editing our streams, making thumbnails, giving insights on the latest trends, and much more. This gives me additional peace of mind which in return reflects in my streams. 

The gaming industry is seeing a lot of women gamers, how do you feel to be a part of this change?  

Women gamers are certainly breaking the bias and finding their niche in online gaming. Platforms such as Facebook encourage and enable creators to reach a wide audience. The more women gamers put themselves out there, the more people will have exposure to women gamers, thus encouraging them to stream. There are many positive changes in the perception of women taking up online gaming, and I am quite happy about it. 

What’s the biggest myth associated with women gaming creators? 

I think that the myths are more about women not being interested in gaming, and I think all the women gaming creators are changing that perception. And another being if it’s a female gamer then they don’t know what they are doing and they are not very good at it. However, I am happy to see many women creators breaking those stereotypes.

How much time do you invest in gaming? 

When I started streaming four years ago, my mom always used to ensure that I did not spend more time than needed to play games in place of studying or extracurricular activities. However, I always made a point to balance my time and give equal attention to all aspects of my life. At the moment I spend 4-8 hours streaming on a daily basis. This helps me in building my community. 

How has the audience reacted to your streams? 

My audience loves watching my stream and talking with me. I love my community a lot. We always have a great time together, be it cracking jokes or listening to shayaris that my viewers write for me. We also listen to songs and try to dance and vibe together and sometimes, I sing for them as well. All of this happens while I also play games. They are extremely supportive and I’m grateful I have a community that is always there with me throughout my journey.

How do you monetize from this and what is your next plan?

I come from a middle-class family and with a single mother, it is important for me to make sure I support us both. I always had a strong interest in gaming, and my mother helped with buying a used gaming PC initially. Once I started streaming on Facebook, I was able to sufficiently provide for myself in terms of all the gaming equipment required for streaming. Today, I can also support my family with my streaming. Facebook Gaming offers us a plethora of tools to monetize our content and streams which makes us self-reliant! Some tools that I use regularly to monetize are InStream ads and Stars. 

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