#KetchupTalks: Beauty blogger Ankita Chaturvedi on creating relatable content, her dream collaboration and more

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Ankita Chaturvedi

Beauty blogger and influencer, Ankita Chaturvedi tells how she discovered her love for makeup and created her own online community.

The beauty and makeup industry are booming and how and with its growth, the industry has also seen vast growth in the number of beauty blogger and influencers. It is these bloggers and influencers who help their online communities stay up-to-date and experiment with the latest trends while helping them understand what good skin-care is. But while there are numerous such influencers only a few stand out for the quality of their content and one of them is our Beauty blogger and influencer in focus - Ankita Chaturvedi. She discovered her love for makeup while trying to take care of her skin and has since created content that helps others do so.

In a recent chat with us, she spoke about what she loves about creating content, what keeps her inspired and also her personal favourites. Read on to find out all that and more...

1. What made you start creating content? And when did you start creating content?

"I started creating content in 2010 when I first stumbled across beauty blogs,

whilst searching for solutions for my own acne-prone skin. Prior to that, the idea that regular people could experiment with beauty products and share their experiences online and build a virtual community of sorts had never occurred to me! I was just drawn to how much fun I could have with makeup and I wanted to share that with like-minded people."

2. What makes your content stand out?

"I create looks that are wearable and everyone can recreate. I do a lot of occasion-based looks and also share plenty of information on skincare. As much as I love makeup, I like focusing on healthy skin before makeup. From time to time, I do Q&As on my Instagram stories where I talk to my followers about relationships, self-care, motivation and life in general and that is something that is very well received. I’ve been told my travel stories are quite enjoyable as well!"

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3. One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

"There are so many! But a recent one that comes to mind is when I was in Bangalore for a workshop session and one of the ladies who attended the class had a letter for me written by her 8-year daughter. That was one of the loveliest gestures, something I will always remember!"

4. What does a regular day look like?

"One of the best things about my job is that I get to do a lot of different things, so some days I am just shooting at home by myself (whilst answering emails, calls, texts from brands/agencies but I recently expanded my team so I don’t do that anymore and can focus on the content) and some days I am shooting on a location with a team or with a brand or attending events. I am grateful for how much I have learnt in all these years, not just about beauty but also about handling communications, invoicing, payments, strategising, video production and editing as well!"

5. How do you make moolahs?

"Brand partnerships, affiliate links, Google Adsense and by teaching makeup!"

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 6. Where do you get ideas for your videos from?

"From currents events, from my viewers, from the time of the year, so seasons, festivals, etc."

7. Weirdest brief ever received?

"For a hair removal product, wherein I needed to show significant hair growth and how to remove it using the product! I’ve received several odd ones over the years but this one was the first that came to mind."

8. If not an influencer, what would you be?

"A consultant, a banker or maybe an academic researcher? I also dabbled with the idea of being an artist for some time! Honestly, though, I have a B.Tech and engineers these days do a lot of different things!"

9. Message/tips for upcoming bloggers

"Find your unique style, stay consistent and never stop learning and improving your content."

Ankita Chaturvedi also had some interesting replies to our quick 5 questions:

Favourite meme template on social media?

"I’m not big on memes, to be honest."

One celebrity you want to collaborate with?

"Off the top of my head, Deepika Padukone!"

Your favourite Influencer?

"I love Lisa Eldridge. She’s a makeup artist and not exactly an influencer, I love her work! Other makeup artists, I love stalking on IG are Katie Jane Hughes, Nikki Wolffe, Hindash. I also really enjoy The Anna Edit, In The Frow, Sorelle Amore and Chloe Morello’s content."

Weirdest or funniest comment you have received?

"I usually find it very funny when I’m told by someone that if they have trouble sleeping, they watch a few of my videos and my “soothing” voice helps them sleep!"

Favourite face filter?

"Paris, usually, but currently I love Sparkles on IG stories too!"

You can follow more of Ankita Chaturvedi's work on her website and also her Instagram feed!

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