Bandi Kamaal artists are one talented bunch and they collaborated to give us this groovy song. Check out our interaction with them all!

Bandi Kamaal is here to make you groove on its thumping beats with Tridha Choudhury headlining the electrifying moves along with Pablo on the rap and Sandeep Vyas of Vyas Brothers as the singer. The song is penned by Switchers. They all are independent artist who came one point of creating a banger commercial song. The song gives you vibe of fresh & grooving music with rap beats & electronic tunes.

The song is a collaboration of all young independent artists coming together to give us something electrifying and groovy. The song is under the label of Bulleman Records who is ready to give a louder voice to new independent musicians. The vision for music label is to help innovative musicians gain more exposure by their music and reach more listeners through our expertise and the upcoming song “BANDI KAMAAL” which is a blend of such artists.

Here’s how the conversation went with them:

  1. Can the group talk about their song “Bandi Kamaal” and how did it all come together?

Bandi Kamaal is a song that talks about a woman who is not just a pretty face but also powerful, smart & athletic ( that is what we tried to show in the music video as well). She is driving fast cars & she can pack a mean punch, in & outside the boxing rink & that is the song ‘ Bandi Kamaal- women are awesome ‘ happened.  PABLO produced and rapped on the song, PABLO and Prayas wrote the lyrics, Sandeep Vyas sang the song.

2) Is there a favourite verse of theirs from the song and why?

“11:11 now, time to make a wish wish ” is PABLO’s favourite and clever line from the song. A lot of believe that if you wish for something at 11:11, it comes true.

“Tera dil hai Madina jaise tu koi paak se Hasina” are my favourite lines … Sandeep’s favourite lines from “Bandi Kamaal”

3) Each artist brought their own expertise to the table. What was the process and how was the experience for each artist? 

I have always experimented with genres and my sound has evolved over the years, and this has been on the cards for a while.

I made the beat and instantly knew what I wanted, a catchy lead melody and a catchier hook that everyone could sing along to. Prayas helped me out with the lyrics, I asked Sandeep to lend his voice to the track, and we recorded. It all worked out pretty well in the end.

 ..Sandeep “I am a versatile singer & I  sang the Hindi section , even though I was most tempted to join Pablo in the rap section 😉…but Pablo got his A game & I quietly decided to stick to my section instead” 😉

4) The song is a collaborative effort of independent artists coming together. Do they think music in India is entering a new arena with such collaborations?   

Collaboration is very important not just to explore different sounds and production styles, but also to get noticed in different circles and fanbases, ever since we started this collaborative journey, we have gained real followers & many fans (earlier we were restricted)

5) Should we expect more such collaborations from them in the future? and is the future of the music industry such a collaborative effort? 

Many more collaborations from this point on  & Yes the industry is moving towards more collaborations. Always a pleasure working with each other and we have another song coming up very soon. 

6) Who is their inspiration and what genres of music do they listen to?

PABLO listens mostly to trap and biggest inspirations include Drake, Machine Gun Kelly, Bad Bunny, Skrillex.

Sandeep listens to Led Zeppelin, Coldplay , Pink Floyd & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 

7) Is there a specific music director or a singer who they would like to work with within 2021?

Would love to work with all of them honestly, no artist is big or small. It’s sharing a common vision that makes collaborations a success.

Give this song a hear here!

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