Check out what Gajendra Verma had to say about his Valentine’s special music series called, Summary.

The month of romance is here. Everyone is feeling the love in the air and can’t keep calm. Series of proposals and heart connections are on the mark. Adding to the moment, the Pop Singer – Gajendra Verma joined hands with Virtual Planet Music to celebrate the month of love with a lovely and heartwarming series of songs titled “Summary – A Musical Series.”

Summary encapsulates a total of 5 songs. A simple love story but an extraordinary way of redefining it. The first song Mushkil Badi, is released on 1st Feb. It is a happy foot-tapping number that will make you hit the dance floor immediately. The following songs are as follows – Kitna Maza Aayega released on 4th Feb, Ratjage on 8th Feb, Pehla Pyar on 11th Feb, and the last song of the musical series which is known as Aaj Phir Se was released on Valentine’s Day. We spoke to Gajendra Verma to know more about Summary, read on to find out how it went!

What inspired you to come up with your music series, Summary?

The whole idea of doing ‘Summary’ which was in a series form is to tell a story of two characters that have a start and an end as well. Because when you are doing a song that is 4 min long you cannot really capture the emotion so we thought that the story should be 15-20 mins long and in which different emotions will be captured and it feels complete. And then I started making songs for it and it came out and you can see it now.” 

Each of your songs is different from the other. If you can describe what each means how would you do it?

So, the first song you see it’s effortless, and it’s got a simple retro melody to it, and even the words are simple. The idea behind this was that when you first meet a person you keep it simple and the flow to things for you and that’s the best way to go for it. The second song has a European folk touch to it, and it went really well with the whole feel. So, I wanted to touch on the genres of music that are getting nearly forgotten.  Because of the new generation or the new audience we have are the audience that is around the age of 12-13 because they have access to internet and mobile in contrast to earlier times where you started earning in your 20s and then you got access. So, they have to know all these genres of music so that was the point of doing a lot of different stuff. And all those are my favourites music genres also, so I got this opportunity to do so many songs together.

Do you have a favorite among these five songs?

“Yes, I do enjoy my songs and as a listener, I do have favourites but I think there will be not one but two. The second and the fifth ones are definitely my favourite.

Can you tell us about the latest song from the series titled, Aaj Phir Se?

It’s like a hardcore romantic song and very close to my heart. Musically it has a soft rock feel to it and again it’s different from the other songs. As the title of the song says, “Aaj Phir Se”, basically it’s telling two different timelines of the love story. There is something that is “Aaj” which is what you have right now, the moment you are in and then it ends on a note where you want it to happen again which is “Phir Se”. That’s what the song is about.

Songs and romance always go together. Have you ever used songs to impress someone?

Everyone knows that a lot of motivation comes from there when you are actually starting to learn guitar, so, yes, I have done it.

Are you a romantic at heart? What is the cheesiest thing you have done to impress someone?

Yes, I am a romantic at heart. There must a lot of things like that but since it’s cheesy it sounds good coming out of my mouth. Though I am grateful for one thing that God has given me this gift of making people happy and get away with things via singing a song.

It is very hard to forget our ‘Phela Pyaar’. Do you remember your first love?

Yes, I do actually remember very prominently. I had shifted to Mumbai and it was my college years, just after school and that’s when it happened. Back then, it was tough times but when today when I remember that time it all feels so beautiful. You don’t have a lot of responsibility at that time and you just go with the flow, you do things from your heart.

You gave this generation one of the most popular heart-break songs, ‘Tera Ghata‘. Whom should people say, “Tera Ghata” to this Valentine’s season?

I think people should say “Tera Ghata” to everything and everyone who is hampering their happiness. So, Tera Ghata to everyone and just move on.”

Check out all the songs here:

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