#KetchupTalks: Himanshu Srivastava adds a touch of reality to his content so people can connect

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Dec 07, 2021 13:41 IST
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#KetchupTalks: Himanshu Srivastava adds a touch of reality to his content so people can connect

The winner of Moj’s Superstar Talent Hunt, Himanshu Srivastava is donning various hats making sure to create content in every way possible.

It's not a hidden fact that new-age short video platforms have provided a space for artists to share their ideas with the world. These platforms have made it easy for them to connect with a larger audience while experimenting with their ideas. Every artist who rose to fame through their art has, over time, gone on to expand their creations and try a hand at other bodies of art. Indian dancer and Moj creator, Himanshu Srivastava is one such creator who wears different hats trying to live multiple dreams at the same time.

A content creator and the winner of Moj’s Superstar Talent Hunt, he hails from a small town in Madhya Pradesh. He is a dancer, actor, story writer, and poet. He started creating content 7 years ago on Youtube, however, the creator who started from scratch says Moj was the platform that gave him and his creativity the stage that he had always desired and yearned for. He now has a family of 2.5L followers with one of his first viral videos getting up to 3 million views. The creator who believes in hard work considers himself lucky to have gotten the chance to live his dreams. According to him, 15-30 seconds may feel like nothing but he strives to touch people’s hearts in this little time through his videos. He's been able to make his followers happy with his groovy dance videos. While he considers dance to be his first love, he has also gone on to create films while working on the technical side. Himanshu has also written and directed several short films. We had the opportunity to interact with the creator and to know more about his life in the digital space.

Here's what he had to share!

How did your content journey begin?

“Shuruvat toh meri dance se hui. Mein dance ke through humesha kuch story bolne ki khoshish karta tha. Badme mene socha ki yeh jo stories hai ussko me toda acting ke zariye bhi bata sakta hu. Dance me issa hota hai ki ussme hum dialogues nahi bol pate. Ussme jo bhi hota haj vo dance yaa experessions ke zariye hi hota hai. Issliye mene socha ki vahi stories me videos ke zariye se kaise bataunga. Vaise deere deere mera content evolve hua.”

According to you, what's the best and worst part of content creation?

“Jab hum koi bhi content banate hai, ussme sabse jyada mujhe lagta hai ki 10-15 sec me aapko kuch bhi logo ko chize dikhani hai yaa logo tak pohochani hai toh uss time me kaise dikha sakte ho, vo bohot mayine rakti hai vo. Sabse best chis yeh hi lagti hai. Aur agar aap vo nahi samja pa rahe hai toh kahi na kahi mujhe lagta haj ki vo effort waste ho jata hai.”

You're the winner of Moj's Superstar Talent Hunt. How did you become a part of the show and how was the whole experience?

“Me Moj start se hi use karte aa raha hu. Mujhe 1 saal hone vala hai Moj use karte hue. Toh mera journey kafi acha chal raha tha. Mene zero se start kiya aur dheere dheere grow ho raha tha. Aur actually mere life me kuch interesting chiz aati hai toh mujhe aur maza aata hai vo karne me, toh Moj me mein videos bana raha tha tab mujhe pata chala ki yeh competition hone vala hai Moj par. Aur issko Remo sir judge karne vale hai. Remo sir toh mere idol hai, toh mujhe sabse jyada khushi hui. Tab mujhe laga ki iss show me mujhe kaise bhi karke participate karna hai. Aur muje lagta hai ki jab aapko pas koi opportunity hoti hai toh aap aur bhi jyada mehenat karte hai. Aap ussme apna 100 - 200 per cent dete hai. Toh mene kafi mehenat ki aur mujhe call aaya Moj se ki me semi-final me select hogaya hu. Toh me bohot khush tha ki lakho logo me mein select hua. I think 200og select hue the semi- final me aur me unme se ek tha toh mujhe bohot jyada khushi hui. Aur phir mene final ki practice start kar di. Yeh jo journey thi issme mene bohot kuch seekha aur bohot mehenat bhi ki. Jo bhi contestants the sab apna best de rahe the. Toh unke bhi dekh kar kuch na kuch seekhne mil raha tha. Aur kab finally yeh pata chala that I am the winner toh vo mere liye ek life changing moment tha. Jo log mujhe jante nahi the yaa jo mera mazak udate the ki yeh kuch nahi kar raha hai, tab yeh announce hua aur yeh jab, logo ka status ho yaa calls, message ho yeh sab dekh ke I was really proud of myself.”

You wear different hats; you're a dancer, actor, story writer, and poet. As a creator what do you enjoy doing the most?

“Mujhe dancing aur acting me sabse jyada maza aata hai. Yeh donno mere dil ke kareeb hai. I can say that dance is my passion and acting is my life. Jab tak meri body meri sath degi tab tak me dance karta rahunga aur acting ka mujhe lagta hai ki issa koi age nahi hai. Vo aap lifetime, jab tak aap zinda ho tab tak kar sakte ho.”

If not content creation, what would your career look like?

“Toh shyad me acting field me jata. Acting toh vaise bhi kar raha hu, lekin agar me content creation nahi karta toh I would have put my attention into auditions and dancing.”

Who is that one person who always inspires you?

“It has to be my sister. Vo mujhe humesha inspire bhi karti hai aur kafi motive bhi karti hai. Vo humesha batati hai ki life me kya karna hai, kya chal raha hai. If the world goes against me, I know she will always be there for me.”

Do you follow other creators? If given a chance which creator would you like to collaborate with?

“Mujhe Awez Darbar bohot pasand hai. Unka jo bhi content hai vo kafi dil ko chune vala hota hai. Toh mujhe agar kisi ke sath collab karne ka mauka mila toh me unke sath karna chahunga.”

How do you make sure that your content is different from the rest?

“I try my best to experiment. Me socha hu ki agar me ek experiment kar raha hu toh me yeh nahi sochta ki usska result acha yaa bura hoga. Mein yeh sochta hu ki mujhe yeh experiment karna hai. Aur me vo experiment mere aas paas jo ho raha hi vo dekhta hu aur uss hisab se create karta hu. I make sure there is a touch of reality so that the people can connect to it.”

What message would you like to share with young creators who want to make it big in content creation?

“No matter what kind of content you’re creating, try to create it out of your comfort zone. Kyuki agar aap uss comfort zone me karonge toh shayad improve nahi kar paoge. And the other thing is, people quit because they think they don’t have the support they need. Lekin me unse yeh bolunga ki yeh mat socho, yaha pe isse platforms hai jaha pe apne aap se content create kar sakte ho. You won’t even need that support. So just go for it.”

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