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Kajal Som

Kajal Som is one Content Creator who is an inspiration for those who are trying to make it big in the field while also having a full-time job. Read on to find out how Kajal balances it all and more!

Creator and Influencer, Kajal Som started her content creation journey back in 2019. For almost 1 year Kajal put in a lot of effort into creating content even when she didn't see any substantial progress immediately. However, she kept passionately pursuing it, investing a lot of hard work, since she was working 2 jobs at a time. After consistently creating entertaining content, it was in the month of Dec 2019 that Kajal got her first brand collaboration and that boosted her online community tremendously. She then started her YouTube channel which also started getting many subscribers.

While the world turned upside down in 2020, Kajal started exploring a different side, exploring new content by making comedy videos. Besides over 100k followers on Instagram and 17.7k subscribers on YouTube, Kajal also found a huge reach on Rizzle and has a community of 76.9k followers. We spoke to Kajal about her journey, the inspiration behind her content, and lots more. Read on to find out how the conversation went.

Check it out:

What made you start creating content? And when did you start creating content?

"Well, I started it as a hobby because of my love for makeup & acting, when my best friend & mother asked me to do so. I created my first video in August 2018."

What according to you makes your content stand out?

"I feel every piece of content can stand out if you are able to find the right audience because sometimes even now some of my videos fail to entertain. I feel my content is real & I don't pretend to be something else; and the best thing is that I enjoy my work."

How do you choose what to promote on your feed and what not to?

"I promote things that I can use and I can vouch for because I feel that it has taken a lot of time for me to gain audience trust and I can't break it for a BRAND PROMOTION. Hence, I work with people who respect me and my work however, I am open for feedback too."

One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

"There are many. But last year when I joined the Rizzle team as a creator, it made me feel that all my hard work has paid off, and I get good value for the work I do. Plus I can also depend on content creation financially. A lot of good things have happened post that."

What does a regular day look like for you?

"I don't remember when I had a regular day because every day I am playing different characters physically or mentally. My mind is just creatively active all day long even in sleep sometimes I just get up and write some idea that hits no “regular” day for me really."

How do you make moolahs?

"Of course, as I said earlier, through the Rizzle app I am able to manage my expenses and through brand promotions on other platforms."

Where do you get inspiration for your posts from?

"I personally find inspiration everywhere- mostly in my day-to-day life because the more content is relatable the more people it reaches. So, I don't sit with pen & paper and write I rather go out and observe people & trust me it's so much fun."

Have you ever received a weird or funny brief from any brand for collaboration? Please share, if any.

"Indeed, so many where they ask you for 100000 stories and 200 video posts 3000 static photos in exchange of their products😂😂 (lil bit exaggerated not much)."

If not an influencer, what would your full-time profession be?

"Well, I am already doing one. I am working as a Cabin Crew with Indigo Airlines."

Any message/tips for upcoming bloggers and influencers?

"Very basic & long term, be organic, be yourself. Be a content-driven creator, not money-driven. Enjoy your work always."

Check out how Kajal Som responded to our Quick 5:

Favorite meme template on social media?

"No one:

Influencers : Hey guys, since you all have been asking about my skin, my jeans, my earrings blah blah blah."

One celebrity you want to collaborate with?

"Mostly Sane"

Your favorite Influencer?

"Shreya Jain"

Weirdest or funniest comment/video reaction you have received?

"Ma'am nail paint to laga lete😂😂😂"

Favorite face filter?

"11am by @dingmint" 

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