#KetchupTalks: Prodigy Maithili Thakur talks about her musical journey

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Maithili Thakur

Check out what the young singer and viral star Maithili Thakur had to share about her musical journey so far and making a mark.

A singer who first gained popularity as a contestant on Rising Star, Maithili Thakur began making videos of her songs and posting them on Facebook - the videos would regularly go viral establishing her and her two brothers as singing sensations. She has a strong background in classical music and is a tight unit with her three brothers and her father.

Maithili is taking the new generation back to the roots with her music. The younger singer not only sings covers and various popular Indian songs but also sings in Maithili and Bhojpuri languages. Thakur appeared in Little Champs, on Zee TV in 2011. She also contested in Indian Idol Junior on Sony TV four years later. Maithili won the "I Genius Young Singing Star" competition in 2016, following which she launched her album, Ya Rabba. We had the opportunity to chat with the star herself about her musical journey and more.


Here's what Maithili Thakur had to share:

What made you create content on social media after Rising Star?

"I have always been a part of social media and enjoyed spending time on the platforms. After Rising Star, I wanted to stay connected with my fans through my songs and maintain a strong relationship with them."

As a female Creator, have you ever faced any discrimination in your journey so far?

"I have been fortunate to have been supported and loved by my followers throughout my journey."

You have a powerful voice, how do manage to bring something new to your online community every time and engage with them?

"I engage with my followers on a daily basis. I go live on my Facebook Page every day at 10 PM. I keep changing my song selections according to their responses.

How has Facebook, as a platform helped you in your journey as a Creator and digital celebrity? How would you describe your journey?

"Now, everyone who meets me, says “Hum aapke live sessions ko roz sunte hain. Aapke sabhi videos ko share karte hain” (We listen to all your live videos every day and share all your videos) . It feels good that I am being listened to by everyone and receiving love from across the country. Overall, Facebook has enabled me to showcase my culture across the world - in countries that I could have never even thought of. And I am confident enough to say that I will definitely keep singing and sharing it with my followers through Facebook!"

Any message/tips for upcoming female Creators?

"Believe in Yourself. You must be 100 % sure that you are doing what you like. People will automatically love you and support you."

This Women’s Day, what is the one thing you wish would change for women in the coming year?

"Everything starts at home. I wish people will acknowledge the women around them, and support them in achieving their dreams."

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