Mohit Hiranandani shares his story, what he loves about social media what he doesn’t, his ideal day and a lot more. Read on…

Mohit Hiranandani made his way onto the small screen with MTV’s Splitsvilla and has only been moving forward ever since. He picked between being a business and an actor and we’re glad he chose to be the latter. His journey in acting has led him to act on several shows and even a film for Netflix called Behind The Trees. Another show that he earned him fame is Patiala Babes and according to him, it’s this show that has taught him the most too. Mohit Hiranandani is all about entertaining people and putting smiles on people’s faces. How do we know? He shared all this and more with us in a recent candid chat and if you’ve watched any of his performances or follow him on social media ( or even if you don’t) you’d want to find out.

Check out our latest interaction with Mohit Hiranandani here:

 1. What are you currently working on?
“I’m currently working on a web series. It’s based on the novel, ‘Never kiss your best friend’.”

2. What is the one thing you look for in a script/story?
“I actually see who’s the director first. Coz I’m more of a director’s actor. Then, I try and tell myself the story again and again in my head to see if it is something that people would lose interest in. If the answer is no. I go for it.”

3. What is your favourite genre?
“Comedy! I think it’s the most difficult genre to deliver. Coz you don’t wanna come across as an actor who’s trying really hard to make someone laugh. As challenging it is. It gives a lot of room for spontaneity, which makes it fun.”

4. Web series and OTT platforms have seen quite the growth globally as well as in India. What are your thoughts on the same?
“Oh, it’s great. I’m actually happy that there’s a medium for better content now. Daily soaps are good. But web series are more believable if I have to put it in the nicest way.  I’m just worried that these streaming sites don’t become a soft porn site, where people just tune in to watch actors making out.”

5. What kind of trends in content and storytelling formats are you expecting to see in the coming times?
“Considering the current situation of India, I hope to see making content on that. Not to get too political but yeah I believe current affairs would make great scripts. I love scripts that get the audience aware and informed.”

6. One actor, who you want to collaborate with, in 2020?
“I’ve always wanted to work with Ranveer Singh. So if it’s 2020 or 2050. I’ll be taking his name first. I’m a huge fan. In fact, I did the role of a junior actor in one of his ads just coz I wanted to see him. This is during the time I was playing Mickey for Patiala Babes.”

7. One director, who you want to collaborate with, in 2020?
“Zoya Akhtar,  Anurag Kashyap and  Imtiaz Ali. Any one of them. Or all 3 of them! Even if it’s a web show and not a film. I’d do it even for a small appearance.”

8. What is the one character in a show/movie you wish you had played?
“I think one would be Rockstar. Beautiful film. Ranbir Kapoor was brilliant in it. I don’t think anyone could have played the character better than him. Then Kabir Singh and Aashiqui 2 and a few more.”

9. Do you think massy films can have strong content as well? Or are these two mutually exclusive?
“Oh yes! A lot of massy films have made strong content. Take Gully Boy for an example.”

10. Which is the one project that gave you the best learning experience?
“Patiala Babes. Undoubtedly. I’ve spent a year on that project and it taught me everything – The angles, technical words and most importantly to be comfortable with the camera.

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11. What does a day in your life look like?
It’s pretty chill. The only stress in my head is if I’ve made enough people think that I’m funny AF. So, I wake up and if I’m idle I Go out audition. If I’m not, I go to work and come back home. Catch up with my partner and/or a couple of friends. Finish off by 12 at night and then hit the gym. But while I’m doing all this. I make sure I put smiles across people. It’s very important to me. I wanna be the funniest man alive.” 

12. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
“I watch shows/series/films on streaming sites. It’s even like homework for me and a reality check that I’m nowhere and I have got a lot of bucking up to do!”

13. If not an actor what would you be?
“I’d be handling my dad’s business.  I’m a Sindhi. I wouldn’t even try to do anything else.”

14. Social media has become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives these days. Especially public figures. Do you think it is intrusive or do you like engaging with your fans on these platforms?
“I honestly love engaging with my fans! It’s a great medium but it used to get very depressing. You see its like I’m showing love but my fans aren’t. Things that happen when images don’t get enough likes or comments. I don’t take trolls seriously at all. I troll them back. But when my posts don’t get enough likes I used to be like, “Yo! I said I love you! Why you no love me back?!” But I’ve learned to make peace with it. I believe everyone should. Took me a lot to realise this. We are a lot more than our social media handles.”

15. Which social media platform do you spend the most time on?

16. Which emoji do you use the most?
“The heart emoji.”

17. How important is it for you as a public figure to be active on social media?
“I believe it’s very important. Your fans wanna see you. And also you have the advantage of having followers so might as well put them to good use. I put up stories on what all is happening around the world and things that media do no wanna cover.”

18. Does online negativity affect your mental health in any way or you steer clear of it?
Not a bit. I’m great with trollers! As I’ve said earlier, I used to be upset about not having enough likes. Now I don’t! I’m chill. I know I’m making money from my work and I’m living a happy life. That’s all that matters.

19. Lastly, any future projects that you can shed light on?
“I actually can’t because I’m still in talks with them.” 

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