Raahul Jatin talks about his single, Yaadein Aane Lagi and more about his musical journey

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Raahul Jatin

Check out what Indian musician Raahul Jatin had to share about his inspiration behind creating music, working with his father and his single, Yaadein Aane Lagi.

The Indian music industry is blessed with incredible talents that have delivered the best of songs. These songs have been a part of our lives and continue to entertain us. With changing times, new artists are emerging in the industry giving our playlists and musical palettes and fresh taste. Young artist and music composer, Raahul Jatin is one such talented musician and his single, Yaadein Aane Lagi is sure to leave you impressed.

Raahul Jatin, son of renowned music composer, Jatin Pandit, walked into the industry with his debut single, Aankhon Ke Ishaare, at the age of 22. Being a shy kid, Raahul put in a lot of efforts before entering into showbiz and making his mark. Belonging from a family of musicians, he took it upon himself to include his own identity in the music that he creates. Raahul also believes that one should do something that they are good at and deliver well without getting too frustrated and taking too much stress and pressure. We recently spoke to him and here's how the candid interaction went...

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A post shared by Raahul Jatin (@raahuljatin)

How has your journey in the world of music been so far?

"My journey has been pretty interesting and fulfilling so far. I have come out with 3 singles. First one Aankhon Ke Ishaare composed, sung and featured in, the next one is Prabhu Hume Shama Kar for which I collaborated with my dad. And now, Yaadein Aane Lagi, which I composed, sung and featured in again. It's been fun and people are liking my work which keeps me going and very happy. I have learnt a lot through these three songs. I am a lot better now at my music production, compared to what I started with. I feel I have grown as an artist, composer, singer, and music producer. I have grown on my social media as well, not just on the technology side, but also establishing a better presence and doing things that my audience would enjoy watching. I know there is a long way to go, but so far the journey has been very interesting and rewarding."

What inspired you to become a musician?

"I started learning singing from my father at a very young age. However, as I grew up I realised that music is something that comes naturally to me and I do it well. So, I decided to take it up as a career. I genuinely believe that we should do something that we are good at and deliver well without getting too frustrated and taking too much stress and pressure. For instance, I do something like engineering or Mathematics, I wouldn't really get it and I would have to work way too hard, and would in all likelihood not do a good job either."

Raahul Jatin

What do you enjoy more, composing or singing?

"I enjoy what I do well on a particular day. Some days if I compose a good song, I enjoy that. Another day I might sing a song well that’s when I would say I enjoy singing more. However, I do believe that both singing and composing go hand in hand because this is the time for independent artists and singles, so you should have a good grasp on both if you want to establish a good footing in the music industry."

Yaadein Aane Lagi is your third single and your father has written the lyrics for it. How’s it working with him?

"My dad is really chilled out. It was a lot of fun working with him because it was my song, and he was writing the lyrics. I often dub dad's compositions- as in the scratch ones. That to me is extremely tiring sometimes because my father is extremely particular about how he wants, not just the singing, but every department of the music. It's difficult to live up to his expectations. But for this song of mine, I didn't have to deal with any of that, because it was my song and he was only doing the lyrics. I could do my own thing this time as it was my song."

Your dad has been such an integral part of the Indian music industry. Does that ever put any pressure on you and the kind of work you want to do?

"I really don’t think about it too much. I think you should just focus on doing something that you are good at. There are many factors that determine whether a person would be successful in this industry - most factors are not in his control at all. For example, when your song releases, who releases it? which label? the timing?  My goal has always been just to do something cool that my listeners like. I sincerely don’t think about other aspects. My main focus is always to make good music and sing well - that is what is essential if you want to establish yourself in the music business. Focus on your craft."

Raahul Jatin

Are you currently working on any other projects?

"I do have an upbeat song, that I will in all likelihood release by year-end. I also have a song coming out with Zee. It got held up due to the pandemic, but hopefully, that too should come out soon. That's a lovely romantic number."

Any tips or advice to other upcoming musicians?

"Do something related to music every day. That way you grow as an artist and discover new aspects that you are good at. Practise the art on a daily basis. Do not get dejected. Keep working towards your goal. You may falter, but keep moving. Times goes by very fast, a couple of days can turn into weeks and weeks to months. Always use your time wisely and practise your craft every day."

Quick 5:

Top 3 songs on your playlist right now?

"Jas Manak's Heels, Snap Chat Story by Bilal Syed and Maan Jahwe maan Jaawe"

What genre of music do you enjoy listening to the most?

"I don't have any particular genre that I enjoy listening to the most. Just enjoy listening to good music. Depends on my mood, I get into the Arijit Zone - Channa mereya, Hawayein kind of songs, and sometimes something more upbeat. I listen to music most when I am working out, or else I am doing music myself."

The first song you learned to play on your guitar?

"No one has ever asked me this before. My dad had actually acted in a movie called Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, and he had done a song called Deewane Hum Pyar Ke, I think from what I remember the first song that I learned to play properly was that one."

One musician, you want to collaborate with?

"There are lots - but if you ask me one would be Arijit Singh, I find him incredibly talented- not just as a singer, but as a composer, music engineer, and also a classical singer. Given an opportunity, it would be a dream come true to collaborate with Arijit Sir."

If you could dedicate one song to this year of lockdowns, what would it be?

"I would dedicate Maan Jaawe Maan Jaawe Maan Jaawe Tu."

Check out Rahul's single, Yaadein Aane Lagi here:


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