#KetchupTalks: Rohan Khurana opens up about the romantic mini-series Firsts Season 4

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Actor Rohan Khurana chats about playing the lead and the experience of working in Dice Media's mini-series Firsts Season 4.

Dice Media's Firsts is a mini-series that caught the audiences' attention with its unique format. The show is released on Instagram as 1-minute episodes. Firsts has taken the viewers through a series of stories of the romantic and cute couple throughout its three-season. The mini-series has explored various stories from college romance, lockdown romance to queer romance in their past seasons. The show's fourth season was recently released and it ventures through the life of a couple exploring the dynamics of an arranged marriage. Actors Rohan Khurana and Shreya Mehta star in this season where they play Kabir and Jhanvi, who have been set up by their parents.

Rohan Khurana

The show's lead actor Rohan Khurana talked about his experience of being part of the show and more. Here's what he had to share:

How was experience of working with your co-star, Shreya?

"Coincidently, shooting this season felt like an arranged marriage in real life for me since Shreya and I didn't really know each other up until then. The awkwardness between us in the beginning kind of helped build the required chemistry for the series. Shreya is so full of life and we had to be quick for the shots, so the one-minute video format was fun and challenging at the same time. At the end of the day, for the audience, it’s like watching one long 20-minute film with hooks. And you guys will see now in episodes 10 to 20, maybe there will be a bit more chemistry than there was in the first 10 episodes. So yeah, it was really fun working with a new person and looking actually."

Was there any fun stuff that happened on set that you would like to share?

"There was a lot of fun stuff that was actually a while back now. So I've forgotten some of it. But I remember one day that we really needed a black forest cake, and something just kept happening. And we just couldn't get the cake. And either I or someone just kept forgetting it. It just became a really big confusion. So, I think that was really fun. I think we have a really fun blooper also with that where I am just offering her a plate with nothing because in one of the days the cake, wasn't there."

What are your thoughts on arrange marriage and do you have any experience with your parents or relatives who tried to set you up?

"Luckily, no one has tried to set me up, it hasn't happened yet. I think because my parents are very chill and they aren't constantly asking me to get married. So, I'm happy about that. But I wasn't that open to arranged marriage and the whole concept. I think, before doing the show, I always felt as to how can you just meet someone and then sort of decide to spend the rest of their life with them who you don't know that well.

But I think what I've realized a little bit, although I won't say I have changed as a person, is that I think it's not a bad option. You can meet nice people, and I've seen that. One of my cousin sisters also had an arranged marriage and met a really nice guy. It proves that sometimes we do need a nice person. And if you do get to know them, if you have those six months or a year to get to know them, then it's not a bad option. Also, your parents will obviously choose someone nice for you. So, I think like most people, I would trust my parents choice against mine in a lot of things. I know that they have my best interests in mind. They also have more life experience. So I guess I wouldn't mind exploring that option now. But yes, I feel like, after the show, it's like, made me think. Now the branding, like it's not horrible. It's an option.


If you can describe your character how would you do it?

"I am a full-on Punjabi guy from a Punjabi happy family. I think he's a sensitive guy most importantly because he really cares about a lot of things. Small things like where he should click the bill or if some has gone through something in their past and if you tell him he'd understand. It was something new that I played and I was very excited. Our director was discussing with me that he should have that element of a guy who is not aggressive or authoritative like telling her what to do. He is a very chill guy who could be adjusting to a lot of things. But the problem is that he says yes to everyone in the show. I don't want to tell you, but this also leads to problems in the show. But eventually, he's super happy.

What kind of reactions did you receive from your fans?

"There's this one girl from Bangladesh who messaged me saying that she watched your show and she really enjoyed the show. I replied to her because I thought she was very sweet. I think that was really nice that it's not only in India but people from Bangladesh and even from Pakistan messaged me saying that they really like all the content that's coming and they really connect with it. That they could relate and be familiarized with it. So, I think that was really nice. And that really stuck with me that people from other countries are also watching it and connecting.

Check out the trailer here:

Dice Media's Firsts Season 4 is now available to watch on their Instagram feed.

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