Shayoon Mendeluk opens up about her life as a wellness and fashion influencer and the driving force that helps her try and make the world a better place.

The journey to success especially in a competitive space like fashion and social media can be quite challenging at times. And many manage to make a name for themselves through their work on these platforms with their sheer hard work. Despite how progressive the space may seem, there’s a lot of backlashes that these influencers face online. Shayoon Mendeluk is trying to shatter myths and negativity one post at a time.

Apart from living everyone’s dream of settling with your family on an island, Shayoon has been able to inspire many through her work. She’s a wellness and fashion influencer well known for being outspoken on online platforms. It wasn’t long ago when she decided to breastfeed her newborn while wearing a lehenga and looked like the goddess that she is. She contributed to shutting down any taboo or notions that people have regarding breastfeeding by showing how beautiful it is. She’s also a healer who specializes in trauma and alignment. Her community The LightForce Center is aimed at working for the same. We had a chat with Shayoon about her life journey, being a healer, and breaking stereotypes.

Here’s what she had to share:

How did your fashion journey begin and how has it been so far?

My fashion journey began at a very young age. I started as a model when I was a little girl, and always loved being in front of the camera. I had a passion for intricate design and art while growing up and ended up in fashion school in LA. I have worked as a model, celebrity stylist, fashion host on E! and other networks as well as a correspondent on many TV shows. I would say fashion is and will always be my first love.

How has the past year impacted you and the content you put forth?

Over the past year, the content I put forth has to have purpose and meaning behind it. I don’t just post to post. I’m creating for the new Earth. I’m creating to inspire and be an example and to always have a heart-centered message and lesson behind everything I say.

You recently became a mother of two and have been gracing our feed with your amazing journey through pregnancy. What is the one quality of being a mom that has helped you in your content creation career?

Thank you! The one quality that has helped me create as a mother would be the truth. It’s super important to not feed our children the bs and programming we were used to growing up. I’m very cautious of everything I say and do towards my children. They are sponges so everything they are taught they will live by. So if our foundation is truth fueled by love, the result is a conscious star child.

How has shifting from LA to an island been like, because you’re also living the dream of many, on an island with your family and helping substantially?

When I was studying different forms of healing and embarking on my journey to completely devote myself to healing others in 2013, I had visions of building a center of light on an island in the Mediterranean. So my husband and I set out to find where that land would be and we fell in love with Ibiza. First, we sold our meaningless things and put the rest in storage, and moved to Ibiza with our husky wolf in 2015. We lived a beautiful life in Ibiza, birthed my first son there, opened up a shop, and loved our life there! In February 2020, we decided to go to Bali for a quick vacation for our son’s second birthday. As soon as we got to Bali, the pandemic hit, borders closed and we couldn’t go back to Europe. So we stayed and haven’t left since! The dream I am living comes from letting go of comfort and replacing the fear of the unknown with curiosity. If you want to live on an island, or anywhere your heart desires for that matter, make a plan and go for it! It really isn’t as far from reality as you think it to be. Also, growing up in Hollywood and LA was super toxic and I wanted a real life. Which to me means nature, sustainability, community, and being off the grid as much as possible, to truly connect back in with mother nature and what’s really important in life to help steward conscious solutions for this new Earth paradigm.

Have you always been surrounded by cultures from where you were born to where your roots belong to? How has your culture influenced your life?

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. My forefathers were also from East Africa. My father’s side stems from India and my mother’s side from both India and Pakistan. My multi-diverse cultures have taught me so much about different religions, races, and traditions. The world has also taught me compassion, acceptance, and love for all cultures. Being a global citizen I have always loved being desi because of the traditions, rich music, food, and art/design. I love that about us. What I work toward every day and part of my mission on earth is to showcase those beautiful traditions while reprogramming the suppression.

You’ve mentioned that you’re a global healer? What does that mean to you and how did you find this path?

Being a global healer means working with anyone in the world regardless of their location. My husband and I have developed a powerful healing modality that allows you to fully heal yourself in 4 weeks or less, online. It doesn’t need to be in person. Our students have reported healings of chronic disease, pain, anxiety, depression, and much more. We’ve created something very special, that has powerful results, and quickly. I found this path by healing myself naturally through emotional freedom techniques and other natural healing modalities after being in a horrific car accident. I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk without pain again, I was put on all kinds of medications, and I was miserable and depressed. Then one day, my then-boyfriend now husband showed me the light and the powerful results of healing naturally, and I transformed my life completely. I became obsessed with the results and knew I wanted to help everyone achieve the same quickly.

Apart from the glitz and glamour, you’ve always tried to give back to the world. You working closely with the Child Rescue Coalition is one of them. How would you describe your work so far and what drives you to keep doing all this wonderful work?

My work with the CRC came due to the attempted kidnapping of my son Ayaah here in Bali. I luckily woke up and found a man trying to take my baby from my hotel room. Long story short, after I turned my pain and trauma into purpose I joined forces with CRC to raise awareness for child sex trafficking and child sexual abuse material. That incident was my driving force and I want to raise awareness on these important topics because the future is our children and too many people look the other way because they don’t want to acknowledge that these horrific acts are happening under our noses constantly every single day!!

Can you share a bit about The LightForce Center and how it happened?

We unite people looking to heal themselves and their loved ones, by teaching them powerful, new, self-healing modalities that can’t be found anywhere else. This allows them to finally heal their physical, mental, and spiritual suffering, align to their true purpose and be a part of a loving, safe, and supportive community that is helping create conscious solutions for the new earth paradigm.

Everything about The Lightforce Center is there and would love for you to see it on the site to get a better understanding.

Any message or tips for upcoming bloggers and influencers?

My message to any upcoming blogger or influencer or anyone is please use your influence for positive change. Only create content that has meaning and is going to inspire. Do you and what you want to do and speak your truth. Don’t compare yourself to others. That is a disease in itself. Stay focused, make plans, goals, and hit them. Manifest and affirm what it is you want, but most importantly heal. Heal yourself of what is holding you back from your fullest potential. Remember that you cannot create conscious solutions from an unconscious state. And that the prerequisite to purpose is healing! And lastly, remember to always do everything from the foundation of love and light. If those two don’t exist in any and everything you do then it will not work. The Light is the way, and the way is the light, what’s not of the light is in the way.

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