In our recent interaction with the CEO of Beast Studios, Sushant Mehta, he spoke about the idea behind Sports Yaari and their future plans for the channel.

Sports is something that brings out the spirit of excitement and the vigour to win among people. Getting to the ground and hitting scores or sitting down with your friends arguing over which team is going to win the match adds thrill to our lives. The love of sports is so extreme that people try and keep up with every match they have missed or watch it on repeat. Sports Yaari, a YouTube channel dedicated to anything and everything related to sports aims to keep your love for sports strong with the variety of content they have to offer.

It is the first digital channel from Beast Studios that has placed itself as the ultimate sports destination. The channel not only talks about highlights of matches but also makes sure fans get an overall view of the sports world. The channel was founded by Sushant Mehta – CEO, Beast Studios & founding members Manoj Dimri, Rohit Juglan, Dheeraj Singh & Shashank Yagnik. With a bunch of presenters and an incomparable passion for sports, the channel delivers exclusive player interviews, game analysis & all the latest updates. We recently had a chat with the CEO of Beast Studios, Sushant himself and he talked about the idea behind Sports Yaari and their future plans for the channel.

Here’s how our conversation with Sushant went:

How did you decide on starting a YT channel dedicated to sports?

“Sports Yaari is a sports channel of Beast Studios. The launch of Sports Yaari on Youtube was a strategic move to coincide with this year’s IPL season. We chose YouTube, as it is one of the most popular social media platforms, which provides an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience. Unlike the traditional TV channels, YouTube also allows our audience to react to our content, this is extremely important for us. At Beast Studios, we ‘listen’ and ‘interact’ with our viewers and then curate meaningful content.”

Sports in India have always been mostly about cricket. Do you make it a point to try and educate people about other sports?

“Yes, cricket is the most popular sport in India. It is a religion. The consumption of content around cricket is humungous. Having said that, our channel, Sports Yaari is a 360-degree sports channel. We will be covering the upcoming Badminton, Tennis, and Hockey events. Our audience has diverse interests and loves variety in content. Hence at Sports Yaari, we will try to incorporate news stories around less talked about sports as well.”

You have interviewed several sports personalities, whose story do you find the most inspiring and uplifting?

“Each sportsperson has had his/her struggles and made a mark. But my personal favourite is Mary Kom. It is very inspiring that she did not succumb to societal pressure after becoming a parent and went on to become the first Indian female boxer to win a gold medal in the Asian Games in 2014 and the first Indian female boxer to win gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Her achievements are a testimony to her undeterred willpower and perseverance. I am fortunate to have interviewed her in Liverpool when she was training for the London Olympics 2012, and she went on to win the bronze medal.”

What are your thoughts on making sports an integral part of the Indian education system?

“Sports contribute to overall personality development. In many ways, playing a sport, be it chess, carom, basketball, or cricket, teaches us values such as teamwork, leadership, perseverance, patience, and consistency. These are some practical values that cannot be imbibed through theoretical knowledge. Hence, sports must be an integral part of the Indian Education System.”

Who do you, as a sports lover, follow to find inspiration in the work that you do?

“My work allows me to connect with sports personalities with an inspiring story behind their success. I find my everyday inspiration from such personalities.”

How do you plan on evolving your content as your channel continues to grow?

“Being a YouTube channel, we constantly track the response of our audience to the content that we create. At Sports Yaari, we ‘listen’ and ‘interact’ with our viewers and then curate content following the feedback of our audience.”

Here’s how he replied to our Quick Five questions:

Your favourite sports personality?

Sachin Tendulkar

One sport you wish to know more about?


One sports personality you would like to interview?

Rohit Sharma

YouTubers you follow?

Bhuvan Bam

If you had a ‘one time – one match’ opportunity, whom would you choose?

Virat Kohli

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