Vidhya Thakkar talks to us about her love for books, the stories that intrigue her and more. She also has some interesting recommendations for our readers.

There is no better feeling than being around books and diving into their knowledge and stories, is there? They take you on a journey through your imagination and give you the greatest gift of enjoying your own company. You can never be bored if you have a knack for reading books just like the avid reader as well as book blogger and reviewer, Vidhya Thakkar .

Vidhya Thakkar is an enthusiast who found her love for books staying true to her name. She is a book blogger and reviewer who is trying to spread positivity and the love for books with people. Vidhya’s love for books continues to grow as she introduces and recommends quality books to her followers. We recently had the opportunity to talk with her and here’s all she had to say.

Here’s all Vidhya Thakkar had to share with us:

When did you develop an interest in reading?

“It’s a little dramatic story of how I developed an interest in reading. Well, it happened after a heartbreak when I stopped talking to my best friend. I came across books, that’s when I started reading. I was in class 13th.”

What kind of genres interest you the most?

“Romance, Mystery, thrillers, Mythology and  Biographies.”

Who’s your favourite writer/author?

“Sudha Murty. I love her books.”

What’s your take on self-help books?

“Self-help books impact our lives and our perspective. But, only some are effective. Recently I read Let that Sh*t Go by Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw published by Jaico Publishers.”

What makes a book an interesting read, according to you?

“The storyline and the writing style makes it interesting for me.”

How do you manage to keep up your reading routine?

“I try to read every single day, be it one page or 10 pages, I make sure that I read something.”

How can one ensure they don’t give up on their reading habits amidst their fast-paced lives?

“Just try to balance things and include reading in your schedule.”

Which is the one book that you’ve read multiple times and could go back to for several more reads?

“Take a chance on me by Sapna Bhog, House of Cards and Daughter from a wishing tree by Sudha Murty.”

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According to you, what kind of benefits does a regular habit have to offer?

“Well, for me it calms my mind. It takes away all the stress and takes me to a different world. Also, regular reading helps in reading faster.”

Books or ebooks, what do you prefer?

“Well, Books but sometimes EBooks and Audiobooks work too in rare cases.”

Your favourite book blogger?

@thebookelf_  – She was the first person I followed on Bookstagram and still I love her posts and her work.”

Books and reading-related accounts that you love to follow on Instagram?

“There are so many. My favourites are – @Runawaywithme98 , @Booxoul, @Book_Gobbler, @fortheloveoffictionalworlds, @Bookishbong, @nupur_flipaleaf, @flippingthruthepages

Upcoming books that you are looking forward to reading?

“Tahira Kashyap Khurrana’s new book – The 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman by Juggernaut Books.”

Which books would you recommend to our readers to read during the lockdown?

“Read Sudha Murty’s books like the House of cards, Daughter from a wishing tree, Unlocking the universe, Happy for no reason by Mandira Bedi, Becoming by Michelle Obama, A match made in Mehendi, Little book of everything by Ruskin Bond.”

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