The internet turned Khilji's Khalbali dance into a hilarious video meme!

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Khalbali dance

A lot of avoidable and negative trends originated out of Padmaavat, or Padmavati, whatever they prefer, and once the movie released, all the violence and mayhem ended. Instead, Ranveer Singh took over the internet with his Khalbali dance moves that turned into a video meme!

Now the song was clearly going to be targeted for the misheard lyrics bit, although with the new and innovative ways of application that the internet found for the Khalbali dance number was nothing short of astonishing. Not only is Ranveer Singh at his electric best for the Khalbali dance, his moves were so adaptable that people made him groove to Marathi numbers, and even Bhojpuri and South Indian tracks.

While some guys capitalized on the misheard lyrics to request the Gas wala to come sooner, some turned it into a shopkeeper with a surprisingly legit question about cold drinks.

Here are some of the best, funniest and the most creative alternative video memes for Ranveer Singh’s Khalbali dance and the only similar thing about them is that they are all hilarious af!

I don't know about you, but Ranveer Singh's Khilji dancing on Zingaat could have made Sairat and Padmaavat both an even bigger hit than they already were!

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