Khushaal Pawaar calls out all the trolls with his debut YouTube video, 'Trollistan'

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Actor and content creator, Khushaal Pawaar calls out all the trolls with his debut YouTube video, 'Trollistan'

What is better than a 15-sec reel by Khushaal Pawaar? A 9 min 29-sec long-form video by Khushaal Pawaar. Yes, you heard it. After tickling us with his spot-on hilarious whips, the actor creator recently released his debut long-format YouTube video titled 'Trollistan.' And like all of his other videos, this video will surely cure your boredom and leave you with a good feeling.

While he receives a lot of love from his audience online, Khushaal also has his own set of trolls like every other creator out there. Trolls, unfortunately, are a part of the digital space. We always come across a bunch of them sharing their unsolicited advice and rude comments under each creator's posts. They make fun of people, disrespect their work, or simply crave attention by making their comments. To call out all these trolls, Khushaal released his debut YT video Trollistan.

Khushaal describes Trollistan as a 'mockumentary of the Fantasy world Trollistan featuring the journey of trollers who troll people on social media, make bad comments on Internet make fun of people based on their looks, fashion, personality and more.' Apart from Khushaal, who plays some of his iconic characters from his Reels, the video also includes Hamza Syed as the interviewer and Jimesh Patel as Gulab.

We all know what an amazing actor Khushaal is. His videos have always managed to give us a number of characters that resemble people from our real life while making a point that we all agree on. He has been able to take us through the point of view of every Indian on the streets or at a pan shop and we nodded in agreement while wiping off our laughing tears. Sharing his videos with our friends over DMs so we can laugh together to turn happy after he posted a new video, we have become his fans.

Here's the video:

What are your thoughts on his first attempt? Let us know in the comments below.

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