Watch Kid DavidRashaad Hasani Pearson and HOK talk about all things dance!

India is growing and progressing on all fronts every single day. From literature to sports to social reforms to performing arts, India has winners coming through on all fronts. One of the most celebrated front being, dance. Performers from across the country are making their mark across the globe and making India proud. We recently witnessed a glimpse of this talent at the dance competition hosted by Breezer, called the Breezer Vivid Shuffle. Besides talented dancers, a major highlight of the event was the power-packed judges’ panel which included – Kid David, Rashaad Hasani Pearson and HOK. We spoke to each one of them and were amazed by the things they had to say.

Check out Team Social Ketchup‘s conversation with Kid David, Rashaad Hasani Pearson and HOK here: