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Check out all these amazing Kili Paul videos of collaborations that everyone's favorite Tanzania creator did with Indian creators at Meta Creator Day.

We are well aware of the global reach of Indian cinema today. Over the years, we have seen people from across the country reacting, grooving, and enjoying the movies we create. Social media has been an eye-opener for us Indians. There is nothing more exciting than to see foreigners enjoy our stories and music. These last two years, we were introduced to talents from across the world and one creator who caught the Indian eye was the Tanzania creators Kili and Neema Paul. The sibling duo gave us chills as he danced to Tip Tip Barsa with his sister showing us how far Indian movies have reached. But fans cannot get over Kili Paul videos that he created with Indian creators at the recent Meta Creator Day event.

This sibling duo has become an Indian favorite since. They continue to share content on Indian songs be it Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. It was not just them dancing to the songs that excited us but also the fact that they could lip-sync to these songs. Today all of their videos have over a million views and people love the positive vibe that this account sheds. Kili Paul was recently in India as part of the Meta Creator Day celebration and he made the most of his time here.

Talking about his experience attending the Meta Creator Day and coming to India, Kili said, "I never expected and never thought I will be treated this way. It is so amazing. I am mindblown. Everyone is so nice and I really appreciate that. You know, India is different from what people say and what I have seen. So I am really loving and enjoying it."

Being among Indian creators, he did not miss the opportunity to collaborate with them and share the joy of his presence with the Indian audience. We made a list of some of them that you will definitely enjoy.

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Don't miss out on these Kili Paul videos:

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