Picture this – You’re in a rush to head out and Sahil Khattar pops up in front of you and offers an all expenses paid trip to wherever your BFF is… What do you do? Grab the opportunity or continue with your commitments?

Well, I know that every true blue BFF out there would have swooped in and surprised their BFF. At least I would have!

Wondering if people are lucky enough to get such chances? YES, There Are! There were people who were present at the right place at the right time and Kingfisher gave them an opportunity of a lifetime.

True to their philosophy, the King of Good Times gave this one of a kind opportunity to the passengers entering Kolkata Airport. While some simply couldn’t afford to miss where they were headed, there were a few who took this Good Times opportunity and had the time of their lives with their best friends.

With Sahil Khattar’s infectious energy motivating people to take this dream journey, the video is every BFFs dream come true. Kingfisher here is the true friend for every occasion!

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