KK - an underrated artist till the day he was alive!

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Krishnakumar Kunnath aka KK was a huge part of the lives of 90s kids and he was still the most underrated artist till the time that he breathed his last.

How many of us knew exactly which songs KK had sung during his lifetime? No, I'm not talking about having heard the songs but actually recognizing his voice when these songs played. Because for me, there were quite some surprises when I came across a list of his songs being posted all over the internet after his sudden demise. And in my recent chat with music composer, Mithoon, I was talking about how the singer becomes the face of the song just like how actors do for a film. And somehow I don't really remember KK being this. Often, such things always make me think of Anne Frank's statement, 'Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude'. And because of this, I think till the time Krishnakumar Kunnath actually lived, he was an underrated artist who only got his deserved credit after his demise.

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Though all artists immortalize themselves through art, when an entire generation cannot dissociate the person from art and remember the individual in collision with the art, it feels like that person has done something truly magical. Today too, when we remember KK, we're not remembering who he was but rather what his songs with his melodious and superfluous voice made us feel. Yaaron is a part of our childhood, Tadap Tadap, and Alvida were your heartbreak songs, and Zara Si and Khuda Jaane might be your favorite romantic tracks. Every track of his is a feeling within you and maybe you didn't realize it was him singing.

Very few artists are there who can make art very personalized and whose loss is felt by an entire generation and mourned by an entire country. Happy Birthday, KK! We sure truly miss your voice but I am glad we still have your songs to play on loop!

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